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  1. calm down u like correcting people dont you
  2. if you look on your personal stats you can see a kills/death ratio im not sure if this is good or bad but mine is about 8.8 something post yours too!
  3. bf1 has the two best maps of the whole battlefront series: bespins platforms and bespin cloud city also the enemies are really easy to kill bf2 has upgraded because you can get those award weapons and stuff like that and theres space battles but the enmies are slightly hared plus you can get jedis and stuff i used to like battlefront 1 more when i first played bf2 but now because i have played it more i tihkin it was btter
  4. darth maul is easily the best character in the game but hes not up there so ill have to go with chewy because its fun steering his little remote control thingy
  5. the award rifle is rubbish, if i aim for the head of an enemy and shoot nothing happens, it like shoots of to the right 1.you cant aim with it 2.its got less zoom than the normal sniper 3.you have do stuff to unlock it which is just a waste of time if you do unlock the beam rifle by mistake just switch to the pistol and try and get the precision pistol coz its like a mini sniper which fires really quickly i sometimes use the presicion pistol to take out large groups of enemies that are far away
  6. i know that but they are all on the first pages so itll be better to have a new one
  7. if you have any amazing feats like: 100+ kills in one battle or number of headshots post them here! tell us what you did, what map and which unit you did it with
  8. favourite vechile weapon: (you may not agree with this) the primary weapon on those two wheel tank things you can get for the CIS on kashyyk (im sorry i forgot the name) its like a shotgun but 10 times bigger its amazing for taking out infantry and works pretty well on heavy vechiles too favourite weapon: it would have to be the lightsaber, but thats for heros. but there are so many weapons i like 1. the shotgun (award or mormal) great in places like mos eisley and the rebel frigate 2. blaster rifle (award is better) short range and long range, very effective (thats why i like the normal troops) 3. chaingun. playing as the clone commander and blasting droids to pieces is great fun and im gonna try taking out droids with the fusion cutter
  9. i have a psp and im gonna wait for a review in my playstation mag i always read the review now ever since i bought spiderman 3 before they reveiwed it, i thought it was gonna be at least halfway decent
  10. i think a good idea for battlefront 3 is to have customisable units for example: a jet trooper with a sniper and mines or a pilot with a rocket launcher so you could just choose a unit, then choose the two primary weapons and the two secondary units if i had a customisable unit for each faction i would do this: Empire: Dark Trooper with a shotgun, assualt rifle, thermal detonaters and an auto-turret Rebels: Wookie with a missle launcher, assualt rifle, mines and recon droid Clones: Jet Trooper with a sniper, shotgun, thermal detonaters and health and ammo dispensers CIS: Droideka with sniper blast cannons, rockets and stronger shields (the ultimate machine an even better idea would be customizable guns like a sniper chaingun
  11. if there is a cheat for unlimited force powers then if you play as a jedi and jump you can continue jumping forever and you would knid of be flying if anyone knows a cheat for unlimited force powers this could be really useful
  12. this is what i do on geonosis 1. get in the republic gunship (fly off without any clones) 2. fly to the techno union ships try and avoid the CIS ships 3. start shooting the techno union ships as the pilot 4. when you are waiting for the guns to cool down switch to co-pilot and continue shooting the ships 5. and when they overheat switch to the gunner positions and shoot, then return to the pilot position and continue the process (do this for all the ships, you can do it twice as fast in splitscreen) 6. then go land in the spire, run in and shoot all droids nearby (there should be very few) then start to take over the command post (this takes ages) 7. if a droid or geonosian spawns or arrives shoot them, if a droideka spawns run up to it before it gets its blaster out, shoot it while running around it in a circle so it cant aim for you 8. when you have taken over the spire defend the position as it easily gets taken over again if you leave it and then go for the two smaller spires and slowly crush the CIS and while im here can i also tell you about a funny moment i once had on geonosis while palying with a friend the clones had 50 reinforcement left against one droid, me and my friends were searching the battlefield for it when we realised there were blaster shots comong out from one of the small spires, on closer inspection it was a droideka stuck in the rock, it could shoot out of the rock while no shots could reach it (and it was also defending the command post above it so we couldnt take it over). as all our reinforcements were running up to the rock and inevitsbly perishing we had to quickly think of a plan. i came down to four clones against this droideka (with one reinforcement count left, so any death would mean defeat), my freind got the two remaining clones to follow him to the other side of the battlefield while i got in an at-te and continually blasted the rock, but nothing happened. so i then began circling the rock looking for the wall where the droideka was closest to so i had a better chance of killing it, after shooting all the way around the rock four times eventually i saw a red ring appear around my crosshiars and pieces of droid came flying out of the rock, i had finally killed it
  13. thyats the same method i use except when i run out of time bombs i use the grenade launcher, and i do notice the ewoks are useless but if you play as them on "hunt" on SWBF 2 they just destroy the empire
  14. thats such a simple idea i cant beleive i never thought of that i have killed jedi using the same methods by running them over or blowing them off edges, but i want to ask has anyone else got it to say "(whatever your screen name is) has killed darth vader(luke skywalker etc)" in my case "jamie has killed darth vader" i play on the ps2 version and i have also noticed the jedi just dying randomly and i think it is because of the reiforcement count dropping below 20 but the jedi are reely annoying on bespin platforms( my favourite level by far) because they block the tunnels and even if you do get past there are about 10 troops to blast past and has anyone else noticed that when the opposing teams reiforcement count drops below 20 on platforms that the troops just jump out of the ships in mid air and you just see ton of TIE fighters etc falling down
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