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  1. I formated my disk lately and lost some of my mods. Recently im looking for movie mandalorians mod. I had the link but its dead now. Thats all i can think of right now.
  2. It is possible. You just reskin the skin for LS face.
  3. Everybody should know this is impossible 'cause it wouldn't make sense editing nearly every file of the game to do it. The Ebon Hawk ownership is hardcoded and it would need to re-edit the whole game to get the Ravager as your ship. That's what I think.
  4. Trzech. Ja EbonH4wK Maciej Master no i ty Thrawn. A po za tym to już to podałeś na pewniej stronie zwanej kotor2.pl. I ci mówiłem że to jest niemożliwe. NIEMOŻLIWE. P.S.: Ja nie jestem adminem z kotor2.pl tylko taki nick sobie dałem. A na kotor2.pl mam nick maxie1994.
  5. ^^^ I didn't uploaded that. So you can look for yourself. I cannot check it right now 'cause I'm grounded for now and I'm writing from my friend's PC.
  6. LINKIE Her it is. Never checked it though. But on that forum they say it's good. Oh and it is for TSL.
  7. Well, I am a member of some Polish forum and they updated a file like that.
  8. I have to install TSl again 'cause I had a computer format and lost everything. And I'm working on modelling so I will not have much time and I'll have to learn more 'cause KS3 exams are coming up. But until Sunday I'll be free.
  9. Agreed, and I said I'm going to do the clothing and portrait for ya and then you wrote that Ferc is going to make it all for you(no offence Ferc). I was nearly finished when I saw that reply. I'm angry at you. No really.
  10. You could use the scout clothing from the first game and reskin his face a bit but I don't think it is needed. I could do it if you want but I need to install K2. It needs some uti editing(I could do onlythe clothing bit and the portrait)
  11. I meant the eyepatch wouldn't stretch. But I as I said you would need to do a lot of different items for each head and party members.
  12. The pirate patch won't work because it would clip through the head or just fly around it. Why? Because the game isn't set to stretch the models to fit to it. And it is impossible to make each model then make it into one item. You would have to make loads of different items for each head and Party Member.
  13. I could try it but I have no modeling skills, some good modeling tutorial would be very helpful. Oh and I know how to replace models I did it once it's not that hard.
  14. Or commander Col Serra from Battlefront Renegade Squadron CLICKIE
  15. Well, you shouldn't show the email in your posts and that type of requests supposed to be in the Mod Links to PCGM mods thread. Just for you to know in the future.
  16. You mean you want them to look like Mace Windu's lightsaber? I guess someone did this model but I'm not sure.
  17. Or a chiss. Chiss is so popular now so why not try him? And it is easy to do.
  18. I don't mean permission what I mean is if he could reskin one of his robes to look like the movies ones(Ani's, Obi's etc) 'cause I'm really pissed off with the ordinary reskins.
  19. I tried to PM him/her(I'm not sure which one it is) but he/she has full PM inbox.
  20. No. First I don't like the collar and Second I don't like these thingies coming out of his belt. So I prefer if 90SK's Jedi Master Robes would be reskinned.
  21. Hey, can somebody reskin 90SK's Jedi Master Robes to look like Qui-Gon's, Obi's, Mace's and Anakins robes especially from EP3 or maybe from all the movies. I think the best if 90SK would do this or some other good skinner.
  22. If I remember correctly it is called Sion Unwounded. And I'm 100% sure it is on KotorFiles.
  23. I don't think that request is possible because there is no such models except the pc underwear you just reskin it. But for the rest of them I guess it's not possible.
  24. He said TSL. And ask in the PCGM links for it. The link which I used is expired.
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