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  1. Works for me. Its been said on the thread already but this game is a winning combination, so it should rock. Then again, I said the same thing about Lord of the Rings: Conquest, and we all know how that turned out.
  2. ^ Dem Grey Wardens roll pretty deep. Hell of a beefy expansion, might get around to it. I'd had have to actually finish the game, though...
  3. Those Twi'lek dancers are "kinda" hot. But when you step back and take it all into frame you realize that something is terribly wrong. "kinda fun on the wii"? Step back, take it into frame and correct yourself: "Not worth 50 bucks".
  4. Wonder if Bastila will ever be dethroned... MAYBE IF WE HAD KOTOR III THERE'D BE SOME COMPETITION. Sorry about the caps, it had to be said. Loudly. Angrily. Scruffy.
  5. 2010 release? Hey that's this year! I'm not up or down on fallout per se, but I'm a long time Bethesda modder, and I like the Gamebryo engine. Love Fallout 3, though, so this should pretty damned good.
  6. Umm, people actually care about No Russian? I thought it was hilarious.
  7. Video Games > Movies. Don't take something I love and let me sleep through it. Because if I can, I will.
  8. Could someone add "Darth Malak's Childhood" as an option? I know nobody wants to go there.
  9. What part of "I have a feeling" do you not understand? @Taak: Altair's armor kicks face. Anyone else notice that you can't shank civvies in ACII?
  10. Non spoiler version: The ending = Also, I think it's worth mentioning that the word "vendetta" is never uttered once during the course of the game. Ever. By anyone.
  11. Weird, I've never heard of her. Heard of King of the Hill though.
  12. ^ I thought we had rules on this forum about deliberately using terrible grammar... I can't understand any of that post. Depends if they are a native English speaker or not -- j7
  13. Don't we already have a thread for this sort of wanton ***hattery? Not that I mind complaining about how confusing the canon is...
  14. ^ To their credit, the face morphing tools they have in the toolset are some of the best I've seen, though they do allow a lot of shortcuts that would result in samey looking chars. http://www.dragonagenexus.com Lots of mods starting to go up. I do like seeing a thriving modding community, yes I do.
  15. I had a first gen since '06, stopped reading discs this past january. Warranty was up so I bought a refurbed one during the summer. Died in 2 months, red ring. Friend got an elite as a birthday gift and lent me his old one (he got it last november). It red ringed last month. Until this past January I was the last of my friends save for my cousin who had never gotten a brick. Also we've gotten 2 bricked 360 test kits this year at work. That's a first. I'm not an idiot, I'm not getting another one. Warranty or not, I expect things to work more than a year (at least) when I purchase them.
  16. Lol Jesus, that was the most hilarious and politically incorrect but totally awesome description of the K1/K2 debate I've ever read. You just earned yourself a cookie.
  17. Well aside from that you didn't like TSL, that post is all wrong. For one thing Jedi Outcast is the third game in the series, so that doesn't fit. For another thing I can't even think of another series other than KOTOR and Rebel Assault that had 2 games let alone top sellers. Maybe Episode I: Racer, but the second one wasn't a top seller. Anyhow, I'd be jazzed if this rumor about Battlefront III is true.
  18. Jeez-sus. You know what the problem is? Star Wars canon is WAY too complicated. If they can't get shizzles as basic as this sorted out, then they must be so confused that they're just making crap up. They saw a picture of him on Wookieepedia and said "Yeah I'll take one of those, with no onions and a large soda" and Boom, suddenly some dude is back from the dead.
  19. http://kotaku.com/5425347/casting-director-says-battlefront-3-is-in-development Here's the guys site and the sources from the Kotaku blurb: http://www.tunnelvisionfilms.com/index.php http://www.vg247.com/2009/12/12/rumor-casting-director-says-battlefront-3-still-in-the-works/ http://battlefront3.net/2009/12/battlefront-3-is-in-development-says-battlefront-3-actor/ Just a rumor, but I figure it wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Maybe we'll get a bit of light shed on this in the near future. I just sort of wonder whether the guy wasn't just citing the dead Free Radical project and didnt know the studio was gone?
  20. Woah woah woah, slow down. What? Tell me you don't have a source for that.
  21. It wasn't good, either. Totally doesn't need a sequel.
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