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  1. still play he game from time to time on my pc. its ageless entertainment.
  2. doesnt sound to appealing to me so i have to say no.
  3. amazing. i wish i could do stuff like that. but im to clumsy. a dutch saying... geboren met 2 linkerhanden ( born with to left hands )
  4. is it just me or does it sound a bit strange that they are making a BF4 before there is even a BF3??? i dont believe this crap for a second.
  5. well i think bastila is the most intresting one but i cant call a game character HOT to be honest.
  6. tbh i was hoping for something somewhat more original than this.
  7. and look what that did for AOC for example i think it will take a long time before we can actually play his game. maybe end of 2011.
  8. just finished the game in one day. dissapointing to say the least. story didnt grab me and the game was repetitive.
  9. well when they make the game to good looking you can have a problem like aoc. nice eyecandy but the game itself sucks. crashes every hour
  10. would be fun to play with a mandalorian for sure in my opinion
  11. mandalorian wars is a great setting indeed. hope they are wise and choose that. and then they can always make a offline game to finish our beloved story from kotor 1 and 2
  12. well spoken there. have some thrust in bioware people.
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