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  1. deus ex was the shiznit. i never played IW though, but my bro said it sucked. i still have the deus ex soundtrack that came with my collector's edition
  2. Linkin Park's Reanimation album Velvet Revolver's Contraband album Linkin Park's Meteora album Stone Temple Pilot's Core album The Crystal Method's Drive album and some different TOOL songs I said this because this is my iTunes playlist labeled ETQW that i listen to while playing Enemy Territory Quake Wars. all albums have great momentum throughout and have a relaxed song perfectly placed. "Reanimation" seems like it was made specifically for the game (with the exception of three songs i removed from the playlist) it builds up, chills for a second, and then has this beautiful ending. Velvet Revolver's Contraband is just a good ole' kick in the pants with a driving force of pure rock. Linkin Park's Meteora has an awesome blend of electronic and rock with vocals surging with determination (great to listen to when you're team is losing and you need motivation). Stone Temple Pilots' Core is one of the legendary albums that made rock today. it too is packed with momentum (e.g. Naked Sunday, Crackerman). Crystal Methods' Drive album fits the title perfectly. it is constantly evolving into different beats which aren't over-powering, yet they aren't boring either. they're blend of rock and electronica has made them a world reknowned band. I have a few songs by TOOL from lateralus, undertow, and 10,000 days. i love TOOL, their song Parabola plays in my head to a car chase scene. I also have some oddball songs in there by such bands as Snake River Conspiracy, The Prodigy, and RED. anyway, that's what i'm usually listening to in my head and on the computer.
  3. the sith guys (the old teacher, etc.) you find in the tombs. i forgot their names cuz i haven't played in a while.
  4. OMG! i'm so sick of not being able to do sh.... squat, i said squat, when it comes to modding. Prime that is some good stuff, just checked the site. i'd like to throw in my two cents and ask if you could make some imperial or rebel style vehicles to sit around in the game. idk how much that would involve though. :| but it's cool to see some of the original SW stuff in KOTOR.
  5. would it be possible to make variations of those? just come up with new ones also? that would be pretty pimptastic to have a whole pack of old and new sith uniforms. i would try this mehself but idk ftw to do when it comes to modding. the closest i ever got was designing levels. and even that was a pain in the arse and it wasn't even for KOTOR.
  6. i was wondering (just for the hell of it) if someone could make a mod where the ebon hawk takes you to a star destroyer (it does this while it loads the SD of course) so instead of running around the ebon hawk you're running around a huge star destroyer with the ebon hawk in the hangar... that would make the cutscenes a lil confusing though since you'd be flying around in the ebon hawk. oh well, it was just an idea.
  7. i'd say malak. i think he eats... babies?
  8. i pretty much agree with everything, but the thing i want the most is DIFFERENT looking ppl! it's like everyone in kotor are cousins!!! i know it's a lot to do for a game that big and i commend the for at least giving the same models different looks. oh and to have some more dialogue between characters when you find out they got a thing for you. ONE MORE THING. i want every damn thing to look different when i upgrade it. like putting an ionite edge on a vibroblade, reading the description of how it looks and not seeing one bit of difference really sucks. different effects on armor also when you upgrade it. it's like the only thing that you can change in the other two games is the color of your freakin lightsaber.
  9. i agree, mmo would suck bizzallz. if they do one, at least keep the kotor story seperate but use the same universe and events.
  10. EVERYTHING except launching the remote off the loading ramp. i would've beaten down kreia with the remote instead. i also would've left vrook on the ravager or malachor v. or just slapped him with a rubber chicken... repeatedly... until has face ripped off. possibly tie him to a chair and force him to watch me charge up visa's loading ramp. HA! i just really hate that guy... oh and the post above me made me laugh... and at times, i giggled... i didn't really say that.
  11. so i was about level 25 when i fought the three sith's and they were a freakin push over. not to mention there was nothing to them. especially nihilus. he's made out to be the big baddie this whole time and he's the first one you fight. it should've been sion, kreia, THEN nihilus. he even had a pimp ship too. i've never thought of that concept for a ship to be barely together but floating through space and wailing on colonies. same thing for the concept of sion. i try to design a new slick lookin' sith lord, but they made one who is barely together and still kickin' your azzizzle (that was bad i know). they're pretty much the same in a way if you look at it. (sion and the ravager) but anyway, kreia's incredibly long speeches and everything still don't contain a story that sucked me in, although the writing throughout the game is beyond me. i would've given up at the second character if i had to write all that stuff and come up with different variables, etc. i don't know how to explain but it's just not the same with these sith and the sith in the first KOTOR.
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