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  1. but it also happens when your a jedi jumping about and stuff then you get stuck in the wall and droids/clones/jedi/sith shoot you
  2. what iff you just use the invincabilaty code then you can get to the oponants ship without breaking a sweat
  3. yeah coz once i was a jedi and i force jumped then i was trapped in side a wall with droids shooting me!!
  4. the best way to do it is make your opponant have loads of troops hunt em down and kill em
  5. its on all games go to optionson the main menu and i cant remember witch one it is mine is now 41.85
  6. well why would we want to control other soldiers we could just change into them at CPs
  7. nice stratagy it helped me alot
  8. nice idea lordzz that would be cool! i want to have different maps and when your in space you could fly down to the planet and attack troops on there
  9. commanding other allie troops? i dont know why would we want to?
  10. you can in starwars battlefront renegade assoult or somthing
  11. whats your favourate army mines rebublic
  12. yodo is realy 9000 years old it sais in my annual
  13. i didnt know witch one to go for more jedi or more jedi with lvls i picked more jedi with lvls,it sounded cool
  14. yeah i do that aswell. woah oh and ive died about 17 times ive killed 38933 guys and my new kill/death raiteo is 23.16
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