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  1. Dear Angus, Unfortunately, all my research is done on the PC version, so I don't know how much my comments may help. Sorry mate
  2. Campaign Mygeeto boots out any player except the server when they try to join. Mustafar boots out players when Gizor Delso shows up. Kamino boots players at a few points: (entering the facility, when shuttles show up) Death Star boots players when the Rebels take the superlaser room (I think) If you find a solution, great. If not, then just end the mission with the command before the boot trigger, or avoid adding these maps.
  3. To switch teams in a campaign game, the admin must login then type the command: /ADMIN /SWAP 1 This will switch player#1. To switch someone else you must type SWAP 2, SWAP 3 or whatever # coresponds to the player you want to switch. If that doesn't work, post a reply with as much info as possible and I will try to guide you in the right direction. As for a dedicated server: everytime I add a campaign map, the server disconnects and boots all players. I'm still searching for how to fix it.
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