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  1. That seems a little 'half-empty,' don't you think?
  2. They're not exactly 'looking into it.' It's happening. swtor.com/freetrial
  3. Nice to see that this is still active. Can't wait to view all the sub-sections of the website once it's live.
  4. If you're saying RC2 as in Order 66, that's a lame excuse of a game. It's non-canon. And the Lurker above me, BF2 wasn't really like RC. Pretty different, and I thought RC was much better. NEEDS MOAR SEV Oh, hai gais, I'm back from a half-a-year-long hiatus.
  5. You get to see Hutts on occasion in Kotor I & II, right? How about getting to see one all the time on the Ebon Hawk! My request is that the Ebon Hawk is filled with criminals that use your ship during your quest to save the Jedi. The cargo hold would hold the Hutt on a dais, on the opposite side of Handmaiden, with two Trandoshans on either side guarding him. In the, uh, (security?) room, right behind the cockpit, would have a yellow mandalorian standing there, and would give you a set of Mandalorian armor (colored blue) if you had a conversation with him. You could also talk to the Hutt about his business in his clan, Vosadii. The Ebon Hawk would also have more (props?)/items/containers like Kolto Tanks, cylinder containers, etc. Names for the Trandoshans would be "Burly" and "Brick." Hutt: Punga Vosadii Briqe. Mandalorian: Gorn Venett It'd be greatly appreciated if a modder could do this.
  6. Lookin' good, Logan! Man, this mod is gonna be awesome when it comes out!
  7. I love you guys. I couldn't find any solutions, I had the same problem. Used Glary ONCE, boom, can install now! THANKS, A WHOLE TON!
  8. Disregard all my crap. Finally found another thread after progressing through my problems. Fixed!
  9. So you guys say that there haven't been requests lately? How about the ones that weren't filled out earlier?
  10. QFT Obama's gonna pull US soldiers out of Iraq. So. For the lose.
  11. Err, just saying this went from Imperial Commando to a lot of off-topic GARBAGE. No, just kidding. I read your guys' posts. Hee. Ossim. Dutchess Satine is her name. I just looked it up and went HOLY CRAP! NO WAY! Yeah, she's the woman in the Clone Wars season two trailer... :/ What's up, ossim Mandos?
  12. Oh yeah, Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire (or something :/) trilogy? Awesome. And A. C. Crispin's Solo trilogy. Almost done with the first book.
  13. A bit big, no? I recommend resizing...?
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