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  1. yeah but will that help the problem of the disc causing my compt to crash to the blue screen, I'll try to upload a digi picture of it soon as I cna't take a screenshot of it
  2. you put the game in the DVD drive (I have the DVD version btw) try to either autorun the game or go to my computer and try to run it from there, and then, before the main menu even shows up, CRASH!!!, it goes to a blue screen error (I can't get a pic yet I will try to take a decent one with my camera) Please help me I've been trying to do eveything Ican think of, I have a bunch of ideas but none of them have worked so far, I still have some tho I even ran the windows troubleshooter thing and installed windows SP1 and still nothing, it also told me that something was wrong with my nvidia nForce SATA driveĀ® or somthing and I'm not using nvidia, I'm using ati radion, very weird, any thing someone can help me with please, I need to install it normally, and get it patched, last time the patch wouldn't extract right
  3. well what exactly do you want, if I havn't started it yet I have Windows Vista, um, yeah so tell me what you need exactly like I don't know it all off hand or how to find it either, like video card, sound card, all that crap
  4. no ok I think it would be easier to explain this over voice like on xfire, my xfire is "gamingfront"
  5. well see the real problem is is that when I delted it how would I install it again from the disc if everytime I try to run it to install it crashes to teh blue screen error thing and then reboots?
  6. well see thats my problem, I'm on vista and can't uninstall properly, like I don't even know how to unsintal in vista, cuz the uninstaller didn't work, so I delted the entire bfII folder and found the setup else where from the last time I had it installed, and ran that it works, but the version of the game I have did not come with the 1.1 patch already on it so yeah thats what I got, can ya still help me? what I am really looking for is someone who canjsut send me a zip of eveything and tell me whre they go so I can do it that way cuz the self extracting isn't working
  7. I recently installed the game again because last time didn't install properly, my xfire couldn't utilize it correctly, so I reinstalled it but somehting went wrong, I had restarted it and everything I thought but, now when I try to patch the game to 1.1 it tells me that it's already patched yet everytime I go in multiplayer it is on 1.0, is there someway somene can send the files it insalls to me so I can put them in manualy, plz, my xfire is "gamingfront" thx, would really appreciate it
  8. wow lolz sorry I didn't find this till now, um rihgt now we have maybe 15 and 8 or so are really active, yeah anytime jsut come over to the site, or hit me up on xfire, "gamingfront"

  9. can I run a batch server file, (I think it's what it's called), so I don't have to go in the game and everytime I want to run a server have to put in all the stuff (I'm speaking of an ingame server) basicaly is there a way to run soemthing, like a file, so it runs the same server every time I have the game running, there really isn't an easy way to explain, I may be able to explain better on xfire, "gamingfront"
  10. heyy, thanks a lot for the offer, i really appreciate it. i might play a bit longer solo and see where i stand in the game. after i while i might take you up on your offer though, i'm really getting into it and a clan could be fun. how many are in it?

  11. wheres the best place to get a good but relativly cheap server for Star Wars Battlefront II for PC?
  12. well I added the "server 2" folder in thesettigns and re did the target thing for the second one and it still sayis cannot find the target why
  13. ok thanks I didn't see that one, so even if I have already been runing teh one server do I still need to create a folder in the settings for it or jsut the second one I want to run?
  14. ok so I looked in the BBO guide I got and did exactly what it said, I even tried putting them inside the quotes and keep getting a "cannot find the path specified" error, is there somthing I'm missing?
  15. ok well I got it all working now, jsut the only prob I have it with my remote not letting me ban people from the players page, I cannot right click, and I don't know why, yet it works when I try it at home on the same puter thats running the server, any idea what thats about?
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