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    Cross my path and your dead, its not a threat, its a fact.
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    Waging war, generally killing (gotta do what u do best)
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    To bring down the Empire
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  1. There's no word from Lucasarts or Free Radical yet then don't get too excited
  2. i dunno why they didn't keep some of the BF1 maps into BF2 like Rhen Var and Bespin
  3. You mean like the commands? Yeah, dunno why they got rid of that. At least that gave you a chance to control the AI
  4. lol, maybe we should pretend we have BFIII yes, snipers are excellent all the time >.>
  5. :xp:well a little harsh but there u have it
  6. i find it interesting how the original xbox has died and no new games r being put on it yet new games r being put on the ps2 as well as the ps3.
  7. jump off a really high cliff on a speeder bike and then get off the speeder bike in mid-air, thats a way to go
  8. it'll come out on every console the world has to offer you watch it will.
  9. yes, i think leaving out the PC as a choice wasd a bad move I agree with General Havok, why not all?
  10. Thread: Star Wars Battlefront 3, not Which Console is best. Can we try and make this thread constructive and not another Xbox 360 vs PS3 arguement thread.
  11. that doesn't mean it'll be to useful in BF3 if they put it in.
  12. yeah but they can't add that many more units otherwise you'll have too many, and besides whats wrong with melee? Yes i have played Gears of War but u can make melee good and useful.
  13. They'll prob do a PC version at a later date after they bring it out on the consloes, or at least thats what i'd expect them to.
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