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  1. Do you mean THIS Jedi, on the left? Edit: Whoops! Just realised you mean Barriss Offee and this is over a decade old question!
  2. Yeah it's worth it to get. Personally I love FoC and I don't care about overpowered units etc I still had loads of fun playing it. Just purchase it and see for yourself, you have nothing to lose (except the amount it will cost)
  3. It sounds similar, the best I can do is provide this link http://empireatwar.filefront.com/files/Empire_at_War/Mods;5502 There are a lot of mods here, so the one you are looking for should be there... only problem is the site has heaps of mods so It might take a minute to find it, hope this helps.
  4. Yes it is. But I am not sure as to if you get it via a quest reward or if you have to buy it
  5. I'm sure one month subscriptions are still cheap so just grab one of those and test it out.
  6. Haven't played in 3 years but here goes..., Name: 'Sokar' Faction: Empire Class: Can not remember, CL -90 (I changed my class like once every week lol) Server: Bria Race: Human Current Guild: Was 'DEVO' (Darkest Evolution) but that was 3 years ago.. Pilot Status: Dunno Started: A long time ago
  7. I believe, and please correct me if I am incorrect, that Revan never really invaded the Republic for the same reasons as the "True Sith" intended. During the Mandalorian Wars, he found Malachor V and learned the teachings of the Sith from the Academy there to better battle against the Mandalorians. Revan and Malak spread the teachings of the Sith through the ranks of the Republic fleet they commanded. After that they discovered the "True Sith" and were then told to invade the Republic for their arrival, and Revan obliged. But he was really strengthening the Republic for War against this threat he found in the Unknown Regions. He eliminated people and Senators that would be a problem for his plans, he captured republic shipyards or bypassed them. He wanted the keep the infrastructure of the republic intact so they could better deal with this "Invasion" that was going to occur. He WOULD of succeeded if Malak was not such a fool and betrayed him during Revan's encounter with Bastila Shan.
  8. Found a solution, I just play music on Winamp and the sound does not cut out for some reason... so then I just Alt-Tab and close winamp and all is good
  9. Seriously, is BioWare trying to clone the original trilogy completely now?
  10. Hello, I have a quick question... I have not played SWG in about 3 years total and I was just wondering if my character will be the same as I left it when I stopped playing and I had my house in a city and I am not sure if the city is still there so will my house and its items still be there for me to retain when I start playing again? Nothing really important in said house but yeah I was just wondering. Thanks.
  11. Hello I am hoping someone can help me with my problem; I have Star Wars Empire at War + Forces of Corruption Gold Pack and everytime time I run either EaW or FoC the sound for the computer cuts out, the game has no sound and when I quit the game and do anything else there is no sound untill I restart my computer. I can not post my computer specs for this is not the computer I play my games on. I have tried turning down Sound Acceleration but that does not help. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  12. Darth Ken0bi = KIND BREATH My Name (without middle) = BANANA OR ROT My Name (with middle) = BARMY AND ON AN ORATOR ha ha. now for star wars things. Obi-wan Kenobi = IN WAKE IN BOOB Darth Vader = HARD ADVERT lol Mace Windu = MUD NICE WAY Anakin Skywalker = WREAK KINKY NASAL Death Star = THE SAD RAT Star Forge = OGRE FARTS ah ha ha creates fleets like an ogre farts xD Star Destroyer = TERROR'S STEADY Darth Sidious = SAD RUSH IDIOT Emperor Palpatine = NOT PREMIER APPEAL ha ha Darth Malak = HALT! DARK AM That will do me .
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