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  1. postin random psots! Heyyyy.....that's not how you play this game. That's just spam. Please do not spam. ~tk102
  2. it would be great if the game wasnt only based on the movie planets! and if they had EU planets and ones not included in the movies or story and it wouldnt just be for hardcore Star Wars fans! Read the rules. This is your only warning. ~Phreak
  3. heres my list but be warned this list if gonna be looooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggg -fully destructable enviroments -customizable characters -more troops on the battlefield at one time -more vehicles on the battlefiled at one time -hero class -new soldier types (different colours,special troops,spec ops etc..) -customizable weapons -more weapon upgrades -more campaign missions -different style of campaign missions -maps from EU,movies,comics,books etc.. -more vheicles -better monologue -better voice overs -better graphics which should be added -sandbox style gameplay so that you can freeroam around which also concludes with this one that i want added -larger maps -command group of troops -larger space battles including more fighters flying around -alrger interior on capital ships -capital ship turrets damage -actually takedown capital ship by shooting its main parts then taking it down with turrets,bombs,missles etc.. -capital ships move -new mode where you stop the capital ship from gettign to a destination like space station,planet,other capital ship,its allies,allied freights,its allied space station etc.. -damage is visible on enemies,vehicles and like i said fully destructable enviroments you can see the damage -cell shader (shadows,enviroment has enormous detail you can even see a little big crawl around) -completely interactive enviroment (useable computers,able to pick up a glass and throw it stuff like that) -anything can be picked up and used as a weapon (drinking glass,wood plank,metal beam,rod,iron bar,peice of concrete,part of broken wall etc..) -xbox live! -hundreds of people able to play on xbox live,playstation HUB and PC online -ingame friends list and well im out of ideas but thats all the stuff i would like it so if its my version of the game it would have to be at leats two discs jsut to play the freakin game!
  4. sabretooth they said they were making a deus ex 2 for the next gen systems but hey i could be wrong! but i wanna see a war game (FPS style) that puts you in the shoes of different soldiers going through wars starting at the Korean War and obviously ending at the Afghanistan-Iraq war. that would be kind of cool to me but thats just my opinion
  5. Fable 2 is going to apparently have guns. which is a dumb idea but there like musketts not ak-47's and modern weapons. GTA IV great some good graphics for the GTA seires not the best ive seen from the trailers but still there good for the 7th generation of vedeo games btw the 7th gen in video games is 360,ps3 and wii but yeah. ive seen little about Turning Point but from what i had seen it looked like a 4 star game to me because of the originality and story line. Far Cry 2 great game,great weapons,great graphics well over all great it is a 4 and a half star game to me. Frontlines: Fuels of War well i cant wait till i get to see the sandbox style gameplay considering its going to be a war game with some heavy firepower and even heavier storyline and some seirous vehicle combat! and the last game is Star Wars Battlefront 3 which should come out in 2008 and if or when it come sout ill be tanking my way into the local game store the game is supposed to have fully destructable enviroment,more maps,better weapons,better graphics and overall greatness!
  6. oh and yeah the flechette is a short range weapon but its a way better wepon to clear out a group of enemies in a hallway because using the rifle,pistol,emp launcher etc. would be a stupid idea.
  7. I like the award rifle but my favourite is the CIS sniper rifle because it has a great range and nice stopping power but I hope the SWBF 3 games sniper has at least one sniper that kills in one shot.
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