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  1. Ah, that's because Episode IV started on Tatooine. Or at least above Tatooine. lol.
  2. Hey all, I got to thinking today about what my favorite planet in KotOR is, and I would have to say Manaan because of the peaceful tranquility and amazing view. I spent a part of my life up until now near the ocean and I've always loved the water. So, what's your favorite planet in KotOR?
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this... I looked for a "General Discussion" board and this seemed appropriate... But anyways, while playing KotOR, I came across a sunny glitch. You know how pressing X makes the PC draw their lightsaber? Press it very rapidly and see what happens. It's interestingly funny...
  4. The Sith are not naturally inclined towards evil. The Sith way is the way of peace. Consider Darth Vectivus (I believe that was his name). Ever heard of him? No? That's because he wasn't a power-hungry egomaniac out for power over the galaxy or trying to wipe out the Jedi. He did no evil. He just existed, learned. Died of old age, surrounded by family and friends. (That is all very well explained in the book "Betrayal", book #1 in the Legacy of the Force series) That is why the Sith should rule. Palpatine was simply power-hunrgy, and that was his entire problem. Anakin Skywalker was afraid of losing his one true love, Padme, and that is what brought him down. The Sith view love as something to embrace - and be able to sacrifice. Anakin completely and utterly failed to learn this lesson, and he paid the price for it. Don't get me wrong, I like the Jedi, but the Sith seem to have the right idea.
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