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  1. If the version I linked to above is having an issue, then download this earlier version: http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/file/Unofficial_Star_Wars_Battlefront_II_v13_Patch;95405 It is a self-extracting archive, just extract it to "Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\AAA-v1.3patch" (the extraction will create the folder). These instructions are also posted on its download page.
  2. I don't particularly care for either, but it sounds like that was just a balance issue the author corrected. The unit you described sounds incredibly overpowered - and that is an error that should be (and apparently was) fixed. I interpreted the comment "i think that one is screwed" as meaning it was nonfunctional in some way. You don't need the 1.3 patch for the 1.0 version, but that version will cause incompatibilities with older mods, because it is a side replacement mod rather than an add-on mod.
  3. The simple answer is that you're wrong. Battlefront Extreme 2.2 @ SWBFFiles You will need to install this unofficial patch first: Unofficial v1.3 Patch
  4. No, it's not. You have admitted to having little knowledge how to make a game, and then you insist that it's possible. Based on what knowledge? You're saying it can't be any harder to make a next-gen level game than it is to rebuild a 70-year old fighter. Your analogy is flawed, because one of those projects can be done by one person while the other can't. A more appropriate analogy would be saying "hey, Boeing's having problems building the 787, so why don't we just get some people together and build it ourselves!" Both a modern commercial liner and a modern video game require large teams of skilled laborers and significant time and cost. Admittedly, building a commercial jetliner from the ground up requires a significantly greater investment (in any aspect) than building a video game, but the comparison is much more apt than the comparison to hobby-building a kitplane. Ah, the old "you don't know if you haven't tried" assertion. But for the fact that there are any number of things that I can know without having seen and/or done, it would be an interesting point. However, because I can draw logical conclusions, the onus is on you (or anyone else) to disprove it. Name one instance - ever - of a group of hobbyist game producers who ever just "asked" a dev if they'd give out a license to their IP. If you can (and I doubt you could find an example), then show me an example of Lucasarts specifically doing that. Do you know why professionals are professionals? Because they get paid. In what industry have you ever seen a bunch of professionals get together and do something for free, with no potential for reward? Like many computer-related tasks, video game design can fit easily into the "cottage industry" mold. The result of this is that if "amateurs with [enough] skill" to do something like this existed, they would be getting paid for their work (and consequently be professionals). You can search this forum until your fingers fall off, and I promise you that you won't find one person with enough skill to take on a project like this, much less a team. ---- I don't want to be rude, condescending, or mean, but please allow me to be blunt - what gives you the faintest idea that you know what is and isn't possible here? You seem to have the idea that game design is: 1) Easy 2) Quick 3) Accessible 4) Cheap
  5. It's not a question of whether you or anyone else would - no group of volunteers/indie workers/amateur developers is going to get the licensing rights to simply develop something that so blatantly infringes on a Lucas IP like that. That should be enough to discount any "make it yourself" ideas, but if that were not enough, the prospect of designing any sort of next-gen game from the ground up is impossible without a large (dedicated) dev team and an incredible amount of time. If your assertion is that the game should be made in an existing SW game (like Battlefront II), then you're not asking for a new game, you're just asking for a mod - and those have been done in spades. Just look around a little. My point is that if you "knew the first thing about game design" - and I don't mean to be condescending - you would see what a ludicrous statement that is. No one with any degree of common sense and even a little bit of design knowledge could contend that your suggestion is remotely possible. "Different strokes..." Design is more interesting to me than any sort of vehicle maintenance/mechanics, and game design =/= QA testing.
  6. :lol: If you knew the first thing about game design, you wouldn't. Also: Not to be rude, but:
  7. Yeah, there are a lot of people who voice their opinions loudly and are most likely wrong. Using "confidence of the one with an opinion" as a metric isn't the best way to go. That doesn't mean melee's a bad idea, just like detpacks and mines (as weapons) aren't bad ideas. If the implementation of it feels off that is a correctable problem not a persistent issue.
  8. Listen, fella. I have no desire to roll around in the muck that is e-debate. This isn't about you personally (you seem to be a courteous poster when you're not ruffling your feathers) but it is about what I see on the board (acknowledged in the posts above and below yours). I'm not going to tell you [this is the impersonal you, just for clarification ] how to treat people or whether or not you're allowed to whine about most things, I do not have that happy privilege here. I think you're doing more harm than good and whatever your justifications are I don't think they're worth it. If a forum's inactive, it might be best to just let it be. If needs arise for it the crap'll get cleaned out pretty quick. But I won't wax counselor anymore, I'm not gonna believe that I have one whit of control over how anyone else thinks - I'm just trying to look out for you. ---- As far as the game itself goes, I could care less how the story develops at this point. I don't expect any sort of story out of an action-shooter as long as it's done well. In fact I really don't care what the name "Battlefront" is plastered on as long as the game is fun - it could be an RPG, an action game, whatever. I'll admit that the story sounds pretty rough, though. Inevitably it's going to play out like any number of stories sandwiched in a time that already has beginning and end plotted - a zero-sum story (both characters will end up killing each other "canonically" or some such nonsense). To be honest I would if that were the game. I'm not going to get hung up on what it's called. Now, they didn't say that - be fair now. They could add a Jedi class and not "destroy" anything - although I must admit the loathing some have for melee units in a shooter game baffles me. I'll be the first to admit if a game ends up disappointing me. But I've had experiences where I haven't been looking forward to a game and then tried it to my delight (and of course the inverse). Because of those I'm not willing to toss a game in the bin until I've given it a fair shake - and no one in this thread seems to be willing to give it that. Just playing devil's advocate.
  9. Having not played it, you say: That is a condemnation in that you're saying - before it's released, and about a week after it's been announced - that it's going to be bad. You simply don't know enough to say more than I don't like what little they've shown. And by your own admission you don't care whether they release handheld versions... so why the ire (which would bring me back to my initial question of "do you all just like to complain?")? It's not like this is eating into: a) Your wallets b) LA's contracted-out work on SWBF3 (they don't make these things in-house anymore anyway) I simply don't see what there is to complain about if you're not interested in a portable game. The whining is just for the sake of posting about something. I'm willing to back it up with examples, if you want. I'm not out to slander you (or more correctly libel), I'm pointing out what I see as a disappointment - you drive away any potential new posters by acting like jerks by and large and then complain that there's nothing going on. I could have posted something to that effect in almost any thread updated recently but chose to point it out in this one simply because it was the most apparent here. Don't play the hurt card. "How dare he insult us," when in fact I'm not calling you names any more than "bitter" and this is the same kind of treatment you dish out in spades to a lot of new posters. Don't dish it out if you're unwilling to take it. Or even better, if you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it at all. The idea that "oh we'll bash all the newbies and that'll straighten 'em right out" - which I've seen written almost verbatim - is a terrible idea and a personal disappointment. That's why I point it out, because I think you're only hurting yourselves and I want to help.
  10. ? You've gotten a single news release about it and this whole thread condemns it for perceived inadequacies of its predecessor (Renegade Squadron, and it's worth noting that the "customizable" only carries over to the PSP, the DS version uses BF1/2's class system). Is there really something here you wanted to see out of a handheld game that you're not getting? I really feel like this is one more "oh fiddlesticks, no SWBF3, ergo whine."* Really? Based on what? Because of the time it takes to develop a game (for any platform), it's not like they could have just thrown this together when they figured that SWBF3 wouldn't make it out the door (up until less than a year ago Free Radical was working on it). It was certainly being developed alongside SWBF3 - and because of that it is very likely that it was planned for a side-by-side release. I don't really see any justification or evidence for what you claim. *It's worth noting that this bitterness is symptomatic of most posters on this board, though. I hate to pigeonhole people, but 90% of posts are either condescension towards newbies or whining about something in/upcoming in Battlefront.
  11. Seeing names won't tell you anything one way or another. Your best bet is to watch any of the numerous Youtube videos.
  12. "OMG LA hatez us" is a little ignorant. This was probably planned to ship alongside of SWBF3, not instead of it. It looks about as good (appearance-wise) as one could expect from portable systems.
  13. If you're playing with the 1.3 patch, there's a bug in that which makes Leia not appear. Since you're at the end of the mission, you can just use the Fake Console to trigger victory.
  14. It doesn't have to be "they" that get most or all of the files, everyone can help. All we're asking is that people take some time to download whatever mods they can (especially if they are your material or if they are harder to find) and reupload them other places. If you follow along with this thread: http://www.gametoast.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=17804 You can see what are plans are, how they develop, and what you can do to help.
  15. I was talking about a game mechanic, not about what showed up in a TV show.
  16. Uh, wrong? Any unit (except droidekas - possibly, because of a special droideka-only parameter) takes damage underwater. And there's no such thing as "suffocation" - Polis Massa just has a damage region set up so that droid healthtypes don't take damage. But I for one would love to see some real water - right now all we have is a glorified hardcoded damage region.
  17. The reason (that you don't recieve answers to requests) is probably a combination of a couple factors. 1) Most modders bristle at requests. We get them a lot, and sometimes they're pretty unreasonable (not saying yours are). As a result, the reflex reaction to any request is pretty much going to be "no." 2) Most requests that aren't unreasonable are pretty simple/have already been done. In those cases, they'll get ignored because a lot of the time no one wants to have to keep repeating either how to do it or where to find it - because a lot of the people making requests tend to be lazy about the easy stuff and that's a real turnoff. Now, I'm not saying that you necessarily fit into the "stereotype" modders will apply to people who make requests, but making any requests at all is a tricky thing. How can you get your requests answered? -Ask politely. This should be easy; few people will jump up to help someone who's rude about needing help. -Make sure you've looked hard for a solution / whether it's been done already (and make sure you make mention that you have in your request). Requests are a lot more likely to be fulfilled if it's obvious that the requester has made a sincere effort to get it done. -Don't make unreasonable requests. What's unreasonable? New player models, new maps, complete mods, that sort of thing. Keep in mind that dozens of hours go into making those kind of things, and that's a lot to do just at the whim of someone else. -Be a contributor to the community. A lot of times people will come in to GT and their first post will be a request. Unless it's an asset that already exists, I don't think I've ever seen a request like that filled. If you're already active in the community, it's many, many times more likely that someone will be willing to help you. Now will that guarantee that your request gets answered? Of course not. There's no guarantee that your requests will ever get answered (it's not that way for anyone) - but doing the above will certainly help. Best of luck finding what you need!
  18. What selfish jerks... they won't just do a lot of unpaid work for other people. Hang on, I've got a letter to write to George Lucas calling him a jerk for not making the movies I wanted made. ...you do realize that expecting someone else to do work for you is the height of selfishness, right?
  19. It's not for Battlefront, it's for Battlefront II (the game the Conversion Pack's being released for). It just happens that the title of the sides mod is "Battlefronts of the Old Republic." You can also tell in the video by the commandposts if nothing else, but there's also text in the video that mentions that it's coming to Battlefront II. But if it helps, I edited the title of the thread. And just watch the video, you'll like it.
  20. For those of you who haven't had the chance to see the trailer for the new KotOR era being featured in the newest version of the Conversion Pack (not released yet): And a high-resolution version: Battlefronts of the Old Republic (High-res download at SWBFFiles) Play KotOR-era Battlefront (II) on over 30 maps, 10 modes, and 60 new units.
  21. I really don't think you have any idea exactly how taxing all that is on a computer. No game with this kind of scale leaves bodies around forever. Remember that SWBF2 isn't built with different sections of the map loaded at different times, but rather with the whole map loaded at once.
  22. If I were an actual soldier, in an actual battle, and a rocket launcher were the best way to kill the person trying to kill me, I'd sure as shootin' use it. So remind me again why someone shouldn't use the most effective option they have available?
  23. That's a heady accusation when comparing it to Battlefield 2142 (or any EA game). Aside from a few graphical dumb things (like incorrect model chunks with explosions), the game (SWBF2) is pretty solid, if simple. Just because SWBF2 doesn't have "x" feature doesn't mean it's incomplete.
  24. How about you download mods? I've played GC no more than once or twice and I've been happy with SWBF2 for years.
  25. That "info" is completely bogus. Battlefront has traditionally been for the PC, and additionally it as a FPS is highly moddable. Its lifetime has been easily doubled if not more by the PC modding community and I don't believe LA is fool enough not to notice that.
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