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  1. And I don't know if its difficult to make but why don't make the vehicles on a way that every part on it could be destroyed!! For example: If u shoot rocket on the gun turret that it can't be used any longer because it is destroyed but the tank stil go's on and is less effective in battle
  2. They said it wil be for the XboX360 only but i think that it will be for the ps3 and pc too. However i doubt it wil be for the Wii, many games are very arcade and the controllers if u could name those tings arent capabel too give many orders
  3. Indeed, but that is the meaning of an tank he. They should ban the boost option with tanks and they alson need to make them slower. Or AT missiles need to be stronger and maybe (like the battlefield 2 concept) place some bazooka stations so u don't have to be only rocket unit
  4. Damm man why are u talking to me anyway wiseguy, Double posting is awesome, yes indeed if i reply to 2 different posts. And the thing where u talk about 'something is wrong. very very wrong'. Plz explain, i don't get it. And maps aren't made for snipers only, just fight normal with standard inf, and not from a distance, and if u do close combat with sniper, so be it that is ur own stupidity.
  5. Haha sry mate, I havn't been on the forum for 2 months and i haven't checked for news either. Sry!!
  6. Snipers in the movie???? Dude tell me now!!!!! I hope u don't want to tell me that you conclude there are snipers in the movie by that scene that a clone ( that looks like the snipers in the game ) says to his commander that they can't find obi wan kenobi and that he couldn't have survived that fall.
  7. Well maybe you are right, i don't play online though. But i think that: Utapau, Kashyyyk, Kamino and also Hoth could be very difficult with normal infantry. Tell me if i am wrong but that is my opinion In the movies there aren't snipers as well, so show some skill and fight with honour and not from a large distance!!!!!
  8. I have read that it is official that Star Wars BF3 is coming, probably in march 2009 If lucasarts wil announce it on the E3 i don't know. But the most important is that the game IS coming, lets hope for Xbox 360 and the PS3
  9. Snipers suck, they weren't there in the movies. And online it would be totally wrong man cuz when u have skilled snipers on the server, then fighting is impossible.
  10. Jedi's shouldn't be availeble online cuz it is just for noobs without any skills. Just join the battlefront and show them what u got without running 40 mph with a light sabre. The jedi in single game is fun though
  11. Man i like the idea of this but this will certainly not be in the game unfortunatly I think. But when u have 64 bots on the battlefield i think that is enough. But there is a thing that they can add to make the battle more intense and that is just another 36 AI controlled bots that join the fight. And off course the AI must be far better than the previous two games. Maybe also some computer controlled vehicles or gunturrets. And i think it would be better if polis massa would be bigger cuz all those crowded areas sucks!!!
  12. Plz don't make the weapons customizable cuz indeed it is cod4 and bf2142, no films of them exist and films do exist of star wars. And in star wars all the weapons are the same, just keep it that way. 64 bots on a map is a must!!!!! Camoflage on armor like yellow and brown on felucia and blue with white armor on the jedi temple. And a better commander and on the pc just use the same hotkeys for a commander as in Battlefield 2, it works great!!!! Jedi's not online but they do need to be availeble That's it
  13. Just put sensibility much higher and u can manoevre the same as an joystick user
  14. Well if that is so, i will go unfortunatly for the Xbox360, i gotta have star wars, and i can buy 'ace combat 6 as well' but u don't care huh, hehe.
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