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  1. Okay, thanks. I don't blame you. Like I said, I just noticed it wasn't there and I was curious.
  2. My question here has to do with why there isn't a Profile option on the main menu. I understand why the Force point allocation menu wouldn't be there but I was just wondering if there was/is a specific reason why you can't select character models, choose your name and that stuff. I know it's not a big deal, just curious really. Thanks.
  3. If you're where I think you are you should drop off the metal bridge (that's leading to the big gate) down into the water below and you'll see a cave in the wall beneath the bridge. Hope that helps.
  4. I was looking at the documents in the docs folder in OJP Enhanced and the Changelog for Basic shows version 1.3 but the highest I see available for download is 1.2. I was just wondering if this is compiled somewhere for use or placed there by mistake. Thanks!
  5. I'm having the same problem and it seems to only be with the cg_moviesabertype settings 1-3. 0 works fine as Raven's default and 4 and 5 work as well (RGB too). Also there isn't a catch for if the user enters a number over 5. I wasn't sure how many there were and went over 5 and you get invisible blades that trail a little bit when you swing. Also, I'm not noticing a difference when changing the menu option for SFX Sabers between on and off. I was thinking that off meant it would activate Raven's default sabers but as far as I can tell it never changes anything. I've just been using 4 to avoid the problem and the sabers look great. Thanks to all for the hard work that's gone into this. It really shows.
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