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  1. Check around online for people streaming it. Some have finished in about 4 and some less than 4. *sigh* I will wait and see thought. Also, Aspyr for the PC port? Oh come on, did you learn nothing from the first time?
  2. Well according to various forums around the net. The game is only 4 hours long. I sincerely hope this is not the case. As TFU was longer. A four hour game is far far too short for such a title. I really don't want to spend $80 on a CE of a 4 hour game. It's bad enough one of the hyped games, MoH, SP is less than 4 hours on hardest difficulty. If FU2 is only 4 hours, I may have to reconsider getting it as to me, that is far too short a game for the money.
  3. Why in blazes is this game 24 gigs with a 1 gig swap file? The install alone is going to take up to an hour. Couldn't they compress the files? I pity the person who downloads it via DD or Steam.
  4. The Hoth level is only available for the Ultimate Sith Edition. Which mean we have to buy another copy of the game in order to be able to play it. That makes no sense. Why not simply put it out as a DLC like the new Tatooine DLC? We paid good money for ours when it first came out but you want us to buy the same game again but this time it already has the DLC with it in addition to the new Hoth DLC?
  5. Thank you for the assistance. Used KSE and found the dlg path. following the dlg found the right script that was suppose to happen and changed it to that. Bam, no more Carth gender confusion.
  6. Ok, it's been a while since playing Kotor so I start a new game and just started Taris with Carth. I am playing a male scoundrel and for some reason Carth is calling me a woman. Huh? I am not using any mods or such, so I try reloading a save, try the conversation again, and yep, still being called a woman. Hmm..I uninstall completely, reinstall, get to the same point, and he still calls me one. Anyone have any ideas or can tell me which global or such I need to change so he doesn't think of me as a woman? Thanks in advance.
  7. Depends on what he's been smoking....oh wait....not that kind of high! J/k please don't feed me to the Rancor. Hey it is April Fools!
  8. No biggie...me? I'm stuck in the hospital undergoing cancer treatments so time is all I have. Mind you, not everyone on this board visits other boards and so on.
  9. Wise advice, would have been nice if LA had taken it when they did the QA for TSL. Though now there are many people whom are fresh out of patience due to the fact that they can't even play the game due to errors and crashes, or those whom can't even install it due to installation errors.
  10. April 1st 2026. 4/1/2026, San Rafael, CA. PRESS RELEASE. Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic® II: The Sith Lords? long awaited first patch was officially released today without much fanfare, mainly because the game is already in it's 10th incarnation, Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic® X: The Search for the First Patch, was released 4 months ago. Amazingly this astonishing turn of events occurred due to a QA technician by the name of Joe Schmoe at Lucasarts found the patch canadite in an old email from 2005. 'We were doing some server updates and installing the new AMD/Intel PentAthlon X processors in our systems when I noticed this very old email from Obsidian Entertainment. It contained a list of bug fixes and was suppose to be tested by me in March 2005. Amazingly at the time I ignored the email and went back to playing God of War. Well finding the patch at this time, I ran it through some quick testing (the company would only allow 1 hour of testing but hey, it's better than nothing) and let me say, that it took some serious emulation to get it working on a modern system. I mean I haven't seen a XP system in about 18 years! Well here you are, enjoy!' As of this writing, Joe Schmoe as been liquidated for utter stupidity and costing the company 1 hour of productivity. Be assurred Lucasarts Transglobal cares about it's subjects, umm customers.
  11. The cheats that were used in Kotor I are still in, just access them the same way. There's just one tinsy tiny little difference....the console is invisible. Type your commands just like before but even though you can see them on screen, they will work.
  12. Dunno, I did 15 reloads and nothing worked, took out the override folder and *poof* it worked. I tried it again just now, same thing.
  13. Thanks for the heads up, everything is working ok now. It's just odd...I wish I knew exactly what was causing that to happen. Also the Handmaiden and I had infinite health in our sparring match when I couldn't leave the ship. Go figure.
  14. Are you Dark or Light? Next Next Next Now head back to your ship and things will start rolling along.
  15. I have one and nothing I have done will fix it. Nar Shadda Edit: Ok I fixed it, turns out something in the override folder caused it....moved the override folder and loaded up the save, worked fine. Moved back the override folder, same issue. So I went through the stuff I have in override: Influence Mod Workbench Mod Lost Room Mod Took those out, module works like it's suppose to, put them back, same issue. So something in one of those 3 mods is causing the issue, thing is, which one?
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