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  1. http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=645 just this one for the mods and the current topic for the Modding. Your complations are badass btw its helped ke with my modding alot.
  2. Yes it should the modpack and the kotor on android should be split into two seperate topics. If no one does it in a month ill take the mod info here and post it in the other forum using all the info everyones gathered on properly modding kotor on android (a how-to). Anyone find out what the bitrate or encoding sifference is between the defaulr android vo files and the modded ones? I only have a phone (computers fried) so i cant use audacity or miles sound studio to convert however i can atleast try to convert the files online using the online web audio converters. (UNLESS anyone knows of an android specific audio converter/sound studio)
  3. That might actually work, even despite the mining facility crash bossr is still a big badass 3/4th playable mod :-p i dont have access to a computer right now hence why kotors on my phone but can anyone pull up for me the bitrate mghz and audio format of bossrs streamwaves files and the same for an extracted kotor android audio file? I know custom sounds that override default kotor audio files wodk but are ever so slightly prone to audio wash once placed in game after a few seconds. If its a bitrate or type of mp3/wav filetyping issue i can run my audio files through one of the many free online bit rate converters.
  4. Cant seem to get custom voice overs to work in bossr on android. Dialogue text and alien vos (daemon drexel,drix kilwit,shadow work ok, but not solomon kobiashi etc. Their text shows up and their mouths move but im at a loss. Their audio files are both in the o erride folder and a streamwaves folder. Is there something ive missed? Every single other aspect of the mod works fine. Android recognizes the files/override , files/modules and files/movies directories just fine.
  5. Brotherhood of Shadow on my android device. https://imageshack.com/i/exTmRR2vp https://imageshack.com/i/idZTqYqMp https://imageshack.com/i/pclLJuhDp I think that the area load crashes that some people are reporting are due to kotor running out of allocated memory for the specified module. On my quad core multi gig note three i am able to run bos, taris and ebon hawk hd, 90sks robes amd various hilt packs with no problem. On rare occasion the frames will lag. If i enter an area during the lag it crashed but if i quicksave then reload the save the area loads just fine. (Aka the orion module crashed upon area transition on rare occasions. ) placing bos's bik files in a movies folder in the /files directory caused them to load properly. However tge 2das especially global.jrl haf to go into the override folder.
  6. Managed to get model replacement mods (such as hilts and 90sks robes mod) to work by extracting their files to sdcard0/android/data/(the aspyr kotor directory)/files/override. None of the mods ive tested had .2da files in them however. All worked perfectly. The big bad sound mod which only had audio replacement had issues with the sounds getting louder snd louder in game eventually washing over each other. Testing out brotherhood of shadow in a bit. Im playing it on a galaxy note 3 smartphone. I used zarchiver to extract the files locally and es explorer to move them around to the override directory. http://imageshack.com/a/img661/100/QQSudp.png
  7. I remember when Kotor files first came up, still, nice to know that mods like the Brotherhood of Shadow, to the simplest of addons made by me, will be kept. While I am trying to be optimistic by looking forward to more mods being made by my favorite modders, I hope that the new community site (wherever that may be) will be able to get back some of the traffic that Kotorfiles had. Though within a few days google will start showing the new site at the top of its search engine list I'm willing to bet. Kotor modders (who don't already know about lucasforums), will want Kotor mods one way or another. The only downside is, I don't know if all the old Admins from the network sites will move to the new one. (I could easily call myself JediShemL, though I'm not. I hope people on the new site can tell the new admins from people who are claiming to be the old admins.). Anywho, It may seem silly to get this upset over loosing a site, but right now, my morning is shot all to hell.
  8. Try asking relatives or her best friends what she might like. If you know she'll find out if you ask them, then perhaps you can make it to where by her finding out she will freak out in a good way. That's the best I can come up with as the only time I ever dealt with a proposal is when my girlfriend proposed to me. Suffice to say I was shocked, but happy, as I could never get the Chutzpah to propose to her.
  9. My bestfriend of my entire life so far was female, along with another. I have a past issue where I am a little wary of other males as friends. I'm completly heterosexual though, but most people think I'm not until they find out how much Hetero I can be. (Long funny story.). Honestly, I think having a best friend as a guy would be really weird, and I'd be wondering if he was like one of my "previous" male best friends, who ended up being gay and... well, suffice to say, I haven't had a male best friend since I took him to court. Once though, one of my female bestfriends ended up liking me, and I went along with it, developed an attachment to her, then when the relationship ended I lost her as a friend. (smack) I shouldn't have let things go so far, I looked up to her as a person.
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