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  1. holy crap, 75 out of 75 and man look-a-those hours. Congrats. You've beaten everyone i've ever seen gameplay statistics for on hours played :L




    Do I win the contest now?


    Though honestly, I probably spent more time on Unreal Tournament 2004. That was like, my go-to game up until about 08-09. If it wasn't first, it would be a close second. Followed by Left 4 Dead 2, and then TSL.

  2. There are also those who shouldn't be messaged they all have their reasons but I will not list each individual reason. (Again I can add/remove anyone from this list)[sorry if I offend you]




    You can message me all you want, and I'll do my best to help, especially pertaining to skinning or 3d modeling, I'm just not gonna stay active in this particular modding community, for technical reasons. I might not get to your message right away, as I usually only check here for messages a few times (2-3 at most) a day, if I ever come on here.


    And, it's okay to ask, but don't expect an immediate answer. When I first started, way back when the community was a bit more active than it is now, I wouldn't get an answer right away. Now it's been a while and many modders have come and gone. Give it time. Even when I asked questions and learned from the answers, I still learned most of the stuff I learned through trial and error, and observation.

  3. impmoth.jpg


    This is the imperial moth. Not so creepy is it? Sure, its queasy to those with weak stomachs for a bug, especially one who's wingspan is the size of your hand, but it gets creepier in it's caterpillar stage: (spoilered for kinda big)


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    i mean scale it up a little and i can ride it into battle and strike fear into all my enemies


    just look at picture F its like they are roaring


    e: oh hey im an idiot who forgot how to image code again

  4. So in case anybody missed it, Gabe Newall went to Germany for Gamescon, to talk about DOTA 2 (and its accompanying tourney), to "officially" unveil CS: GO (GO GO), and to delay Episode 3 some more.


    Gaben talked about how GO is going to be a cross-platform gaming experience, which means we would be able to play with the prepubescents on the consoles. My memory hasn't been quite the same lately, but I saw a video during the G4TV interview with Gaben and now it's on the steam page. I can't remember if that video was there before, either way its there and it showcases a few of the graphics, which looks like it builds on CS's style, where it doesn't look like a TF2 mod or a COD rip-off. It also changes the store's interface drastically (taking a radial design rather then what it is now in CS:S). There's also a new batch of screenshots released, all viewable on the Steam Page.


    Since I'm not at my computer right now, I cannot provide a link to the video where Geoff talks to Newall, but I'm sure with a little bit of searching you can find it on youtube or on gametrailers.

  5. ss_6fb588280dfcfad6c98bf5d6d0fadd691b18e003.600x338.jpg?t=1313167953

    12 years ago, in a world of Quake and Unreal, Counter Strike came out as a mod to the original Half Life game.


    Fresh off the press, Valve announces Counter Strike; Global Offensive! Not much is known about the game yet, aside from what is stated in the article. Will be playable at PAX and is aiming for a release in early 2012.


    In Valve Time, expect it in late spring or early summer.

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    Something I started working on long ago (sometime after the Portal 2 comics came out) and I eventually forgot about (probably while playing Portal 2). Then, after I found it, I decided to finish the drawing, scan it, clean it up, and then use it as my wallpaper. Yeah, I know, not exactly a very exciting wallpaper, but I think I'll be adding to it later, maybe with Rattman's artwork.
  7. I'm curious as to what engine you'll be using, how many people you want/need for it (because I can tell you right now you'll need a lot more then what Ahto has to offer), and a possible time-frame. Looking at your website, it says you only have 3 people including yourself. I hope you know what you're getting into, as it can take a year or two for a good game to be churned out by a professional developer with large teams.


    Sorry if I sound condescending, but creating a game from scratch like the OP implies takes an incredibly long amount of time and effort, and unless you get a lot (and I'm not talking 10 or 20, that's the size of a small team at a developer) of people with a lot of serious talent, it'll take years to finish what Obsidian did in 13 months, or any other developer did for any other game in any other amount of time.


    yes, but does it make coffee?

    perhaps, but it will have a section about when the medieval king of the time fakes a moon landing then tricks everyone in the kingdom about it. you know it today as the moon landing, as kennedy just took the archived footage from the time, shopped it a little, then released it saying we got to the moon first

  8. Wut? IIRC Desmond is very much in the Animus when that happened in AC: Bloodlines. Of course I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time, wont be the last.

    spoilers, just in case anyone hasn't played AC2 or hasn't gotten to this point yet.

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    He is referring to the point in AC2, after Desmond locks up the warehouse. He began to see 'spirits' from the time he spent as Altair and Ezio. When he went to the hallway, he blacked out and returned to being Altair. He began chasing after Maria (the girl who you spared in AC1 and developed a romance with afterwords). After finally getting to the tower where Maria decided to stop, you get to see some safe-for-work sexy-time. But instead of following Altair as he jumped away, the camera stayed locked onto Maria, as Desmond realizes that Maria just got knocked up.

    Desmond was not in the Animus during these events, as it was his own mind recreating the exchange from his genetic memories.

  9. Getting into some Manchurian Candidate, for a couple reasons, the chief one being that the Cold War era (for those who want to argue what the 'era' is, I personally consider it the entire time between the end of World War 2, and about the year - or year before - the Soviet Union dissolved). Not very far in it, as I am not used to the pace the book is set to, which is somewhat slower than the generic action novels being produced at breakneck speeds by authors today. I finally got to the part where they are being conditioned by the scientists... which if you've read it is about 3 chapters in.

  10. Last book I read/movie I watched/[media type here] I [anything]ed that somewhat messed with my mind (in the slightest) was The Manchurian Candidate.


    The only one that I can think of right now, was a movie called "The Game" starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. That was a really good thriller IMO.


    A lot of psychological twists and turns for the main character, I can't remember a dull moment in that movie.


    The only one that I can think of right now, was a movie called "The Game" starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.


    was a movie called "The Game"


    "The Game"



  11. I was fully expecting this topic a week ago, but didn't have time to do anything that a real Kavar's topic would contain (a source, a 5 paragraph essay on my entire opinion, and even an interesting fact!), so beggars can't be choosers.


    Anyways, I have no real opinion on this, except for the Unions, and that would be pretty 'tl;dr~'. All I know and care about is its going to severely affect my humble little town. Around 6 years ago (or has it been 8.. I honestly can't remember. haha.) GM closed it's plant, and laid off innumerable workers. That kick started the Recession for us.


    we were in the recession before it was cool


    This year, our entire student body was shocked and rocked by the decision by our school board (who's vocabulary includes only "cut," "budget," and "statistics") to raise the students:teacher ratio for classes (from 18:1 to 24:1), then cutting - and laying off, if that's their only class - those classes. Because of the budget issues the school board proposed to 'fix' with this plan, the teachers who remain won't be getting any increased income, if anything less. Now think about how p.o.'ed the teachers are when you combine each part (school budget, budget cuts proposed by Walker, the whole Recession) means they got, instead of the 20% paycut experienced statewide, they'll get a 30% (or more, depending on how much the board actually ends up cutting) paycut.


    Yesterday most of the students of our high schools, myself included, accomplished the first non-violent, peaceful protest that this town ever saw (if you don't count the occasional sign wavers about the budget cuts, on that weekend), and it was, from our point, extremely effective and proving that the students DO care about schools. Two amazing speeches, 5 kids yelling "Viva!" and "Anarchy!", and a carpool later, we found ourselves at our district offices with kids from the rival high schools, protesting for change.


    The kids who didn't end up going out on the walkout had their own reasons (ie. "I'm on probation," "I already have 5+ truancys," "Coach says we're off the team indefinitely if we walkout," "I just don't believe it'll do anything," or "It doesn't affect me" being the popular excuses) and most of the teachers, our principals included, were actually in support of what we were doing, because it also directly affected them

  12. So yeah I heard Fergie singing at the halftime show and I turned off the TV. I had to have a friend tell me when it was safe, and once it was a false alarm because they saw people other than the Black Eyed Peas. Slash was a redeeming part of the game.


    Also, Lombardi is coming back home


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  13. yes! the tradicional jedi tunics like Quin gon jinn or obi wan episode III.


    If you did some searching on KOTOR Files, you would've found that there is tunics akin to the ones from the prequel trilogy (however, not as long as Clone War tunics) for KOTOR (I honestly can't recall if there was ever a version made for TSL), and there was, more recently, a mod made that delivered the prequel tunic, in robed form, in TSL. Due to the fact I'm currently posting on a forum on a magical device that's not actually a computer, I can't help you with any links.

  14. Er... I'm a guy. My boyfriend is a guy... there is no her. o_O


    sorry, assumption based on the fact that the people who I know and talk to often who brag about their significant other on the internet (not necessarily here, mainly people i meet through online games and communities like Steam) are either girls who want to make it clear they have a boyfriend or a 12 year old guy who's excited because his girlfriend has tits. if you had mentioned it somewhere i missed it.

  15. This year is no different than any other new years, we have friends of the family coming over for booze (none of whom I particularly enjoy the company of, sober or otherwise), with some kind of fancy meal (this year its lobster) and alcohol with french names.


    Dump him...


    who wants to place bets on whether or not he actually wants to get some with him

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