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  1. EDIT: I should point out that I'm talking about TIE Fighter.


    I install the game, click play, then it tells me to install DirectX 5.2, now I have DirectX on my comp, but I decided to go with it. It gives me the option to Reinstall DirectX, then when I press it a pop up immediately says that DirectX is sucessfully reinstalled, but then when I go to play it tells me to reinstall DirectX.


    What do I do?

  2. Well if you've ever played RC, the one that you use when you melee attack

    I'm sure somebody would be able to tell you how. It's not really something you have to do, just something I haven't seen yet and thought it'd be cool. Maybe I'll make a new thread about weapons


    Yeah, Republic Commando and KoToR are completely different games.

  3. Has it been decided where/how you get the kashyyyk and tatooine armors?


    If not, what about getting them from the loot when you defeat Jagi on Tatoonie and the Mandalorian leader on Kashyyyk? And maybe you could get the Manaan one from Ergeron?


    Wow, you're thinking ahead of me. So far they're attained just by entering the planet and talking to the Docking Offical.


    Those are excellent ideas, but it will take longer, and I was hoping to be done shortly after Hanharr is done with the armor.


    BUT- you gave me a great idea on how you do get it.

  4. be sure to add some dialogue with Canderous and Bendak Starkiller. Maybe a little bit with Davik.

    Update on the wrist-eject vibroblade: I saw the melee animations, and every few times he throws a punch use that animation for the wrist-eject blade, then make it so it comes out of the top part of his wrist.


    Dialog is pretty tough, but as it seems I may have some extra time to do it.


    However, I have a problem with this. What is the deal with the "wrist-eject blade" when did this happen? If that even is possible that's way beyond my skills.


    So, I think some clearing up is in order, this is what the Mod will bring:


    New Class names for starter and Jedi Classes.

    Changed Dialog.

    New Armor:


    Warrior Armor

    Mercenary Armor

    Strategist Armor

    Republic Armor

    And armors based on planets.

  5. be sure to add some dialogue with Canderous and Bendak Starkiller. Maybe a little bit with Davik.

    Update on the wrist-eject vibroblade: I saw the melee animations, and every few times he throws a punch use that animation for the wrist-eject blade, then make it so it comes out of the top part of his wrist.


    Wait, what?

  6. I'm pretty sure Mandalorians don't have any kind of forced appearance (like how twi'leks have tails on their heads, no eyebrows, and Echani have white hair and such) they look human basically.


    What I was refvering to was famous Mandalorians that we've seen without helmets. Like Jango. Though we've decided against it.

  7. He got back to me saying he did not have time and that he had to work on his own projects just like I though he would. Oh well. I'll just keep checking in on this post every hour or so. Still any help will be appreciated.


    Why don't YOU do it.

    You could make one for TSL.

  8. don't know how to do that stuff, sorry.

    I found a weird glitch: when you get to Taris and talk to Carth, it stops in the middle of the conversation, after your first reply and a couple lines after. Then you leave the room and he's not in your party.


    I found the mistake, too small of a thing to re-upload.


    I'll just have to wait untill I'm done with the rest of the mod.

  9. ^^ aww....

    Edit: When the full version is put into making, I wanna do some of the scripting. I'm getting bored doing simple reskins and playing with the clone trooper armour mod.


    It is in the making, I'm just waiting for skins.


    If you want, you can help me with the scripting.


    I'm trying to figure out two things:


    1. How to change the name of the class.


    2. How to make a Feat.


    Help me out with that, and you'll speed up the process.


    Another possibility is to skin some new heads and make them look Mandalorian.

  10. here


    I was working on a republic one and a sith one


    Hey, can you also do a piece of armor for every planet? But just do Tatooine, Manaan and Kashyykk


    The Republic one you can get from Carth on Taris. The sith one should be given when you enter the Sith Academy.

  11. Darth Hanharr said that he was gonna do the armor, so I'm pretty sure with the joint work between him and padawannabe this mod will be completed very soon. This mod will be very awesome if everything comes together right. I want to thank everybody who is working on this mod. This has been on my mind ever since I saw Mandalorians on TSL (played it before I played K1).

    Try the Taris Emporium place. Just name it the Mandalorian class or Mando'ade class mod or whatever.


    Dude, listen, thank YOU.

    I never would have had a good idea like this.


    I'm still awaitng Hanharr's skins, if he's still up to do them.


    In the Meantime, I've completed a beta version.

    I'm uploading it now.

  12. If anybody wants to do skins, please so them then send them to me and I'll give you credit for them.

    Seriously, it would be awesome for people to make skins. The more skins that are made, the more i'll put into the Mod.


    Sorry for double posting again.


    I edited Carth's Dialog as well.


    I've decided that it's ready for a 1.0 release. Hopefully I'll be able to improve later.


    Where should I upload it?

  13. This is gonna be so cool. Thank you so much Padawannabe.

    Do you know when you're gonna be done? I wanna see it as soon as possible.



    Well it depends.

    It is right now playable. You get the armor as an effect of talking to Trask.

    However there are no special class names (haven't figured that out). And I don't know how to make feats yet.

    Also, I still haven't done any more than Warrior Armor, Strategist Armor and mercenary Armor, which have no special look, but od have special traits.

  14. i can make some custom armors give me a discription of what you want and it will be done and the names of the mando armor in kotor tool are Alien_Mandalorian_01, Alien_Mandalorian_02, and Alien_Mandalorian_03


    Alright. Here's what we'll do. I'm doing the .2da editing now, and trying to get it to work. Once I do I'll then make a new type of clothes that the player gets in the locker. These clothes will feature the normal ones. I'll then make it possible to get the new ones when you reach Taris. If that proves too hard, I'll make then obtainable in an easier way.

  15. i would love to help make new armor if it is a full body mando armor and i would love to see this done


    Well, I've started work on it. I have some questions if you could help:

    How do you change the basic appearance of the classes in the class selection screen?

    And what in Kotor Tools is the name of the Mando armor?

    Also if you make some custom armors that would be even cooler.

    Let's team-up.


    Sorry for the double post


    I'm changing the Classes now. They will start with basic armor, but new armor will be made available. After that I have to add more feats, and then if I get the chance some new dialog. If anyone can do a good Trask or Carth impression, then I might also be able to add sound. But that's a bit of stretch.

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