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  1. I actually play both of them a lot. I just like k2 better because it has better gameplay and more weapons. storywise though, I'd pick k1 anyday.
  2. KK, i forgot. yes it is porting then. dang, that sucks. I love arenas!
  3. Oh. Oh yea! I forgot about that. KK. You just made the docking point right?
  4. It's not porting if it isn't from another game. I'm talking about your little arena thing. It wasn't made for the game. If you made the area it isn't porting if you just reformat it or whatever.
  5. The arena looks amazing! I've always just an arena like that. Is there a way you could use that in k2? or is it hardcoded or something. Because whenever I try to use one in another game, it acts all weird and stuff. Is there a way you could get rid of that and just use the model and texture?
  6. It kinda looks like the walkways and the wide open middle parts in your pics.
  7. For some reason those pics remind me of M4-78.
  8. I already have a model, but it is in .max format. I need some converter or something. Do you have Autodesk's 3ds thing to convert it for me?
  9. I was wondering if someone could make me a model of a sniper rifle, like an SAS-R or something modern. It needs to be in gmax or 3ds format. you will get credit for the mod.
  10. You should go to google and search it. or if you've done that already, go to info.net
  11. I wanted to have my username be Darth Beefy, but I joined before I thought of that. Beefy is just my nickname. Everyone just calls me it. The 'darth' part should be self explanatory.
  12. You should just use the warp cheat. Go somewhere else and warp back. That should fix your problem.
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