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  1. It happened because I kept missing him: over AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN :| seriously revan, you suck.
  2. It's so obvious i'm amazed I didn't see it. How to do it is: Be so good at everything, that nobody cares what you do anymore. You ace your tests/jobs until they don't care But of course you have to do work after a bit or it backfires on you.
  3. what does it feel like after you die if you are still dreaming and can still feel? boring?
  4. Me too, my dream had the worm come out, stare at me, and im scared of course, but he just says this "ROAR MUTHA ****A!!!!!" dives into the sand, and then it rains dave chappelle jokes, then I wake up really confused.
  5. I try to install it but it keeps saying something about an error and data3.cab I tried my disc cleaner but it didnt help. what should I do?
  6. Have you ever thought about how we live our lives? Waking up, Going to work, coming home, having dinner, and going to sleep, to start the sequence over again. Thats the lives of several million people. No difference is made. Life should really be about spending your time making a difference. Inventions. War. Preaching. These are things that make differences to peoples lives. It doesnt matter if your making your difference through crime to me, as long as it happens your life isn't a waste. I think about this every day, and many things can trigger it. videos, watching people walk around, questions like: Who are you really?, War, Politics, and many many things. What can make you think about life overall?
  7. oh, that makes it all clear. he hacked. he deserves it. i hate hackers ALOT, especially those who ask retardedly. CURSE HIM!
  8. basically, please add this to this
  9. check kotor2files, there was one realeased not too long ago
  10. if i wanted math i would go into the left room in naga sadows tomb in Kotor 1 but meh
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