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  1. sorry to say bit peace freak is probably the lamest commando yet! it totally doesnt make sence! a peace loving COMMANDO with a **** rocket launcher! it stinx!! not your design liwar, but the idea by death rabit. spyder's colors shud be reversed(green and black) and the hourglass should be on the center Y plate. hey kex watch your mouth, i know your real name!!!
  2. thanks for the new zap. my bff wants 1 so pleeze make it Name: Spider Weapon: sniper Colors: black, green, and a red hourglass shape on his chest like a black widow gun dripping venom
  3. sorry but you kinda made zap a little too bruised up. volcano is awesome, and i like revan to, they both rock. but could u plz make zap less battle damaged please
  4. can i have Myst, Dark, but not roids in the avatar pleeze thanks
  5. whats up rogue. revan sounds cooooooool!! i cant wait to see how he turns out post soon pleeze cuz your online right now
  6. it would be cool if there wad a pubble of liquid under tsunami's gun to make it look like an actual leak. also, could u make me a changing avatar too, as well as a pic of all tthe commandos associated with me, and make a new 1 called Dark. hes like the exacxt opposite of light ty! also, unless it's too much, Name:Zap weapon: sniper with electricity sparks and flashes next to the barrel colors: electric blue foot caps kneepads elbows and shoulders, dark yellow chest, orange Y, gold thigh stripes, light red visor, make his shins have dark yellow swirls like on phoenix but a little more definite, bluehelmet, make the Atgar Space Defense Corporation symbol small and bright yellow on his head. also, make him really bloody and battle damaged. hope thats not too much . lol
  7. Tsunami rocks except, could u make his symbol the same color as ohbma duhn's and his helmet colored. my friend wants 1 too. Name: Roids Weapon:missile launcher colors: i dont care just make him @#%! buff!!!
  8. god mode is TheMatulaakLives
  9. I dont think they would have, because almost every planet was allied to the rebels, and the alliance was strongly devoted the cause of freeing the galaxy.
  10. a new request name: Tsunami weapon: rifle with blue tube thingy and light blue liquid dripping out. colors: any arrangement of blue and sea green u think would be the coolist.(indigo visor) other: mandolorian neo-crusader symbol on the chest same size as death rabit's. make him battle scarred too thanks
  11. I hope that Sev gets rescued in the seqel and order 66 is carried out by the commandos, but they gets killed by a couple jedi knights as the last level ends. Maybe their could also be rebellion commando or CIS commando. I dunno. just a thought.
  12. Hi guys, this is actually Darth Bunnies posting, but my account got deleted somehow. My new name is Deathfruit. Please dont own me if u see me playin' online. BTW, my bro wants Myst to have lighter mist surrounding him entirely, a RED mythosaur skull, and green acid smoke coming out of the gun. he says thanx a lot. cya
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