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  1. On 10/24/2020 at 6:48 PM, Udvarnoky said:

    Just restored the media to the PC Format Collectors Series feature, and it's a good thing too, because this "article" is really just a gallery with a preamble. Those old scans are woefully crunched down, but the text is legible, which I suppose is the cardinal point. Apparently the scans were originally supplied to Mojo by Calimonk...wonder if he still has the original files?


    I definitively have the original magazine laying around _somewhere_, if wanted still? 

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  2. Wow it's been a long time since I posted on the forums, since then, well I guess the most notable thing is that I've taken over the reigns of Adventure Gamers from Marek about 5+ years ago.. Redesigning it entirely and even having Bill draw a new logo! Amazing as always (his drawing, not my design skills). 


    AG Logo

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  3. A pretty bad quality picture (currently on holiday, not able to make a proper one) but all the usual suspects are there. Love the almost perfect quality The Dig box and the Full Throttle one (that was signed by Bill Tiller, which makes it even funnier.. the person that arranged that for me thought he worked on it ;-))


    I do have a few additional boxes that aren't on this, like CMI/EMI and the Dott Triangular box, Maniac Mansion Famicom and such that I got many many years back when I really actively collected them. I'll make a proper picture of adventure games once I'm back home.



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  4. Being here again is...strange but feels familiar as well. (Also my old posts... are pretty cringe reading back now!)


    It's also ironic that this account was registered with a domain I didn't own for over 10 years and only came back into my possession a month ago. All part of my quest to restore my Mixnmojo account for the last well.. decade probably 🙂 

  5. Hi,


    I'm going to sell my Day of the Tentacle Triangular release box, it includes the game in jewelcase, game book and hintbook.


    I'll post it here before i start an eBay auction because i'd rather have folks here own it then someone i've never heard of through eBay.


    Send me a message or mail me at calimonk @ gmail . com if your interested. I have pictures.



  6. Originally posted by fullthrottle100

    A little more civility would be great, but I don't care. I just want to thank the guy who read my post and sent me a message pointing me in the right direction, I got what I wanted and they work great! Thanks again.


    You can find lots of copys (NEW) for like $10.


    Firstly you said you wanted to download a version "For archival purposes of course", second you want a brand new copy?


    So you -cant- use a legal copy new/used to copy the files from it "For archival purposes", but downloading it does work for you.


    You are about <-> this smart.

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