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  1. I could probably get a scan of the other shirt sold.
  2. That's just the usual forums shenanigans, as embedded images don't load either once more.
  3. Having worked on and off on this, the tracklist has now grown considerably, reaching almost an hour of music. Fun thing I've noticed: The LucasArts logo uses the same theme heard in "Nobody Makes Fun Of My Hair".
  4. Just scrolling down Twitter, Facebook or Google News spits out so much already.
  5. Either way, how the hell can I avoid spoilers for another year? The freshly leaked photos already revealed more about (probably) the opening of the movie than I want to know.
  6. Oh man, you're right - I forgot about the distribution rights. Which also means, no Paramount logo transition at the start of the movie. Just as much a loss as no Fox fanfare in front of the SW sequels (if those films had any importance).
  7. Still, I can't bring myself to buy the UHD set just yet. There's GOT to be a proper boxset after Indy 5.
  8. Crystal Skull was color-timed to death, so it'll be easy to make 5 look better. Edit: It looks like the UHD release of KOTCS "fixed" the weird color timing: https://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison.php?id=14725
  9. Oh, nice logo-less version of the artwork. Any chance for a scan? Or which issue of which magazine it's from?
  10. Funny... it was bought by the same collector who has provided me with a bunch of scans (including the MI2 back cover). So, it's in good hands.
  11. The first 30 minutes of the movie were absolutely fine. It goes downwards as soon as they leave for South America.
  12. Another big problem I had with it was the sheer size of the ensemble. Having Indy on his own or at least with just one sidekick, makes everything feel much more dangerous. But if a group of four can make it through all the perils and traps, it probably wasn't too dangerous. And what the hell was the purpose of that crazy jungle cutter vehicle? Judging by Raiders' desert chase or Crusade's tank sequence, this thing would have been the perfect main element for an action sequence. Like Indy fighting bad guys on top of it, throwing them into the blades?
  13. I've also added two three pieces of Purcell's cover concept art to the thread:
  14. Merely an oversight on my part. I'll add them to the drive soon.
  15. I've added the new version of the "LeChuck's Revenge" artwork (based on @kiddomanteca's amazing scans) to the thread, replacing all the other versions (which are still available on the GoogleDrive though). The bump in quality is massive. Just check out these comparisons of the new scan with my old v1 and v2 versions: For painting out the logos and extending the edges, I again resorted to training my own AI model, which in turn tried to apply the style and detail of the new scan to my (textless) v2. I then
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