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  1. Here's a look at the original pencil layer of the painting, both before and after upscaling: For upscaling I used the ESRGAN model I've trained on posters by Drew Struzan, so the pencil work is interpreted based on his style. But I'd say it appears very faithful to what can be seen in the low resolution scan of Tiller's original drawing, even if the detail is just created artificially. If the original background paintings were built the same way as the cover, they could probably be upscaled the same way as this (plus they'd still be at f
  2. I finally got around to update the CoMI posters using some of my better upscaling methods, which keeps much more of Bill Tiller's original pencil detail. The links are updated in the opening post. A few comparisons:
  3. Scans are always helpful, thanks a lot! I already have a few scans, but it's never enough. I also have high-res versions of the original promo photos used for the covers of both the adventure and the action game, but everything else I'll have to take from the boxes. So please, go ahead and scan away! As always, 600dpi, no filtering, please. By the way, the problem with this "poster" is that the logo placement forces the inclusion of the marbled border. Until now, I've shied away from including the borders - and apart from Fate of Atlantis (which came with its own, artwork-appropria
  4. Without seeing the art up close, my only gripe would be that the green record's label isn't yellow. It doesn't necessarily look like an official release (too much art plastered on it), but a well-made fan release.
  5. To be fair, helping Harmy out was just a small side effect of localizing his Despecialized Editions into German. I think I've only contributed a handful of restored shots, all of which have now become obsolete with the releases of 4k77/4k80/4k83 and their offsprings anyway. I put much more work into re-creating the German crawls, subtitles and credits, plus editing multiple audio tracks from the different German releases (although I had a lot of help on that), and creating cover/labels/inserts to make them look nice on the shelf. Here are my original release threads, which I've moved on from a
  6. Just a little heads up: The UK magazine Retro Gamer interviewed me for their latest issue, so be sure to check it out!
  7. I remember buying them alongside tons of other stuff when EVERYTHING in the TTG store was 90% off and worldwide shipping was free when they had to clear their warehouse. In hindsight I should have bought so much more.
  8. I've updated the existing EU artwork to Zombies Ate My Neighbors with a higher quality version and added the US cover to the game. I've also added several artworks from Ghoul Patrol.
  9. My pleasure! I always thought that artwork would be lost to time, as I've only ever seen it used on the back of the box, covered with text and screenshots and on those tiny auction photos. So finding out that it was used on the Korean manual, got me thrilled to find somebody who could scan it for me. And when I finally found someone AND it turned out that the art was also used on the Taiwanese manual AND that someone was able to scan both for me, I was beyond excited.
  10. Mighoet S√ľndback made a restoration of it: https://mighoet.artstation.com/projects/aRzON0 Seems to be the best out there currently.
  11. And thanks to Jake, I finally scanned and stitched this: Detail isn't great, but after some AI-tinkering, it'll do:
  12. I've added the rear box artwork of MI2 to the main post:
  13. The image link is broken, but I guess I know which artwork you are talking about. The painted Kyle/Jerec fight, right? I haven't seen a full version of it (I don't think I've even seen a full-size version of it).
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