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  1. I still haven't played much of the first game, because the controls feel so incredibly janky. So I'm afraid to not get the full dose of familiarity with returning characters and plot threads, thus diminishing my enjoyment. Is the sequel heavy on nostalgia for the first game?
  2. My best guess is they shot themselves in the foot by promising certificates hand-signed by Ron Gilbert, and then accidentally selling multiple thousands of boxsets.
  3. It's only been gone for a month or so, but it's still good to have it back.
  4. My old MP3s were all encoded at 160kbps, which is hardly up to modern standards. Also my own arrangements aren't probably cutting it anymore either. Anything new I make already goes up on my SoundCloud (like my on going HtR soundtrack arrangement). It's a bit sad that I had to get rid of all the SW and Indy music, because I probably won't be able to add them in a theoretical reboot of the site. After all it was a direct order (if a polite one) by Lucasfilm.
  5. It's been abandoned for quite some time. I think archive.org still has a somewhat working version of it available, plus most soundtrack links should still work with a little URL renamery.
  6. If you are willing to take care of logistics of ordering, collecting the money and shipping them forward (as I imagine this might be crowd-funded through the forums as well), I'd be happy to design that box.
  7. To everybody mad at not being a part of this: This was a project we really wanted to keep small to avoid any legal problems. Had we made this known on an international forum like this one, or even social media, it would have exploded in scope and surely would have been shut down by Lucasfilm. Originally my friend only wanted to have big boxes to put the DVD case in, maybe adding a poster to it. But I proposed more goodies we could add, so it already grew bigger than expected. Packing and shipping 30 of these was a big undertaking in itself for a single person (my friend did that, I only designed the stuff), so having to do this for hundreds or more would not have been possible.
  8. Germany got a classic big box release for ToMI, but it was a limited edition. We've used https://www.pack.ly for these, which are relatively cheap (and one of the few allowing for small print runs). Also, the boxes are only folded together, not glued, which makes assembly much easier. By the way, no, I won't share any print files for this, as it would somewhat devalue the whole project.
  9. Here we go: So, this was basically a crowd-funded project a friend of mine and me did with a few collectors (only 30 boxes got produced). I did all the designs and layouts, aside from the map (which was drawn by the wonderful Cristina Urdiales, which I then digitally "aged" for the print). Also, the great CanvasQuest helped me to get the enamel pin produced, and you'll soon find it in his store as well. All the other artworks used are obviously not mine, but sourced from all over the Special Editions.
  10. Also, judging by the fact that ILM recently hired YouTube-DeepFaker "Shamook", I'm positive that they are now going to deep fake stuff like that, instead of going full CGI-face (like Tarkin, Leia, Luke), which in turn preserves much more of the underlying actor's performance.
  11. Custom MI:SE box? I wanna say "Hold my grog", but it will have to wait for just a liiittle while longer.
  12. You mean like these? (Laverne and Hoagie will follow soon) I think the Indy games would offer the best chance for proper merch. A leather-bound grail diary, an actual grail-replica, the knight's shield rubbing (for LC), Nur-Ab-Sal necklace, horned statue, orichalcum sugar beads (mmh), stone disc replicas.
  13. Welcome! And I didn't even know there was internet in 1982.
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