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  1. Thanks for both scans, I'll see if I can put the to good use. Unfortunately your scanner seems to have a few problems: Besides a bit of oversharpening and somewhat high contrast, it seems to have trouble keeping a constant speed (which is why the halftone dots alternate between being stretched and compressed, forming a wavy pattern), plus it has some stitching artifacts, which look like skipped lines or columns. However, it's still good to have these scans!
  2. Thanks, but those are all using my existing poster.
  3. Sounds great, I'll happily take scans of both! And regarding the Zak image: if the game's regular manuals and hint book (of which I already have scans) are any indication, that B/W version is most likely printed at a very low resolution. But we can't be sure until we get a proper scan. It might still provide some material for the clutter at the bottom.
  4. That's not the remaster though, right? Just the recent ports.
  5. Progress on cleaning up this one: Although the ships appear in full on the box, it looks like they've been extended after the fact. Especially, the YT-1300's extension doesn't match the style of the painting. And the speeder bike nose fin seems to be a distorted copy of the other one, at least partially. Either way, I'll probably make an extended version as an option. The original painting does show a bit more of the ships, though:
  6. Perfect. I'll compile a list and message you. Thanks!
  7. I'm looking for someone with a good scanner and a few issues (of the LucasArts Adventurer, that is). The scans at archive.org shared a few pages back aren't cutting it, and I could use a few better ones from issues 7, 11 and 14.
  8. Aside from being too small, it's just some crappy touch-up, so nothing providing the actual material. Actually it comes with a whole magazine:
  9. Currently, I'm looking for more pieces of the Zak artwork. Most magazines ran all the same adverts, or used the same material provided to the press, and most of the time they were either cropped or too small to be of much use. Newer uses of the art (for digital releases or retro gaming articles, for example) usually just retouched the art themselves (many times using my poster as a basis), more or less successfully: One of the more obscure versions was sent to me by @sanguinehearts, from the cover of the Australian magazine "Eagle and Wildcat": That was very helpful to remove a lot of the text at the bottom: Clearly this needs more work to blend better and match the detail from the box-scan, but it's already much better than the low-res manual I used for that on my old version. I could still use a good scan of the KIXX box, but as I understand, it's very difficult to scan it completely flat (and thus in-focus). All scans I have of this are blurry.
  10. Yes, I still have your scans. I'll be working on that poster somewhere down the line.
  11. Nope. I guess this is too much of a legal gray area for them to care - after all, I can't claim any copyright on these. And Tim hating my guts over these posters probably doesn't help either. This makes it all the more amazing how fair and gratefully Limited Run Games handled the situation.
  12. On another note: I was surprised to find two of my posters in the recent "Art of Double Fine" book:
  13. Ignore the logo for now. It will be color-corrected and cleaned up separately.... and ideally removed as an option. But that's obviously a big task. Color of the artwork itself on the other hand is very hard to pin down, as all sources look different. The only image on the web of the textless artwork looks like this: It's almost as dark as a renaissance painting, so there's no definitive answer here.
  14. Re-visiting an old friend... Raw 600dpi scan: AI-supported filtering: Color-correction test: There's still a lot of material missing to properly clean this up, but there doesn't seem to be much out there.
  15. It's a mix of both. The MI1 marbling uses the scanned sides of the big box (when taking off the lid), upscaled with an AI model. I then utilized Photoshop's "content aware fill" to build a huge, seamless pattern out of those scans. So in this case it's not exactly what was scanned, but a new pattern built out of those shapes. MI2 mixes a sandstone texture with the cracks and shading of the scanned game manual (the Korean version, if I remember correctly).
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