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  1. Troy Baker sharing a lot about his work on the game:
  2. Honestly, I don't care about those flaws. It's Indy, it's an action adventure game, it looks decent enough, I'm gonna play the hell out of this.
  3. Here's hoping that physical (re-)releases of the soundtracks are still in the cards. At least that would be a chance to fix any remaining omissions.
  4. I've always wondered, are digital-only soundtracks that difficult to update after release?
  5. A few more hours until it starts, I guess.
  6. Oh sure, I was referring to Jake's additions in this case.
  7. I'd like to add Rebel Assault 2 to the list, which is another of Eaken's greats. They could have gone for a 3D-rendered one, like the X-Wing/TIE Fighter games, but luckily they doubled down on the "live action" aspect of the game, giving it the full movie poster treatment, including the actors' likenesses.
  8. A bit of a relief that it only affected the ones where I didn't provide the artwork 😅
  9. Thanks! And that was to be expected. The extended album would have needed a second CD, which they probably wanted to avoid.
  10. When my daughter was still playing with her Tiptoi, I looked into hacking it for a short bit, but gave up quickly as printing seems to require a laser printer, which I don't have. Still, it seems to be relatively easy if you just want to swap out sounds. The guy from the video put together a much more technical overview of how scripting and producing images for the Tiptoi works, for thoses interested (English subs available):
  11. And there it is: I've added two versions of Steve Purcell's cover art for "Herc's Adventures":
  12. Thanks to @Scummbuddy's beautiful scans, I've finally started work on this: It looks like the one above was a preliminary version of the art, with further additions and changes painted by Purcell after the fact: Eventually, I'll try to offer both versions.
  13. For completeness sake I should probably work on that one as well, no matter how ugly it is. So, if you can get me a proper scan, go for it! Edit: Oof... one's worse than the other.
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