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  1. Fixed for me too, thanks! Weird though, since I WAS able to still send messages 2 weeks or so ago.
  2. Still not working for me. Maybe a region thing?
  3. Just to let you know, trying to send a PM to another user throws a 403.
  4. For ZAMN I already have a perfect scan of this: So I basically only need material to remove the Genesis logo on the lady in the front (and the SNES manual cover looks like the best chance). Also I have a great version of the Ghoul Patrol US artwork, so I mainly need scans of the US version to get a clean version of the game's logo. EDIT: I just snagged the EU SNES version of Ghoul Patrol on eBay, so that's covered. And speaking of covered, I think I could use a version of the EU ZAMN artwork, without the kids' hands being covered by the logo. The SNES box seems to offer the biggest version of that: With only the label on the Genesis version showing the complete tree:
  5. Since my poster thread isn't on yet, I'll put it here: Anybody here able to provide me with scans from "Zombies Ate My Neighbours" and "Ghoul Patrol"? Boxes and manuals, anything can be useful. I'm especially looking for the European box cover of GP: And this one from ZAMN (the SNES and Genesis manuals especially, I already have the Sega Genesis cover):
  6. This issue (#45, June 1992) promises a "Giant US Gold poster", so that's most likely it:
  7. You're right, and this would scale this at 2x4 times the size of the magazine, right? That would be a HUGE source for the MI2 artwork...
  8. We are having a discussion on Twitter right now, trying to find out where this poster comes from (which I found a photo of on Instagram): It's branded with the logo of the UK gaming mag "The One", but it doesn't seem to be a typical magazine centerfold poster (as that would just be folded in half and have staple holes). One user on Twitter, @TalviOnline, says, that she had the same poster but without the "The One" branding, coming with her copy of the game, and tucked away in the CD-ROM case. With the magazine being Amiga-centric, it would be weird to be included in the PC version of the game anyway, while the Amiga version came on floppies, so no CD-ROM case where this could have appeared. Judging by the creases, and using the CD-ROM info as an indication, this would scale this at roughly A3 size, which was confirmed to be the case for the un-branded poster by @TalviOnline as well. So, any UKers here able to help out? This MIGHT provide a very detailed version of the artwork.
  9. I'll get back to that offer. Life's a bit busy right now, but eventually I'd like to re-do a few of the posters with the better tools we've got over the years.
  10. That's a pretty nice collection. Do you by any chance have a decent scanner at your disposal?
  11. Just missing the smooth Murtaugh-sax. But now that you mention it, I don't know why I never drew the connection of Max being Riggs and Sam being Murtaugh. It's so obvious now!
  12. I loved the version recorded for "Poker Night at the Inventory":
  13. I think you're confusing the two games here. That cover version is from the soundtrack to Telltale's Sam & Max, not LucasArts' Hit the Road. The original version of that soundtrack already used a bunch of live instruments, so a remaster of it is hardly necessary (the orchestral parts of those soundtracks n the other hand would benefit from live recordings). The Hit the Road soundtrack is a great Jazz/Americana soundtrack though, which I would LOVE to hear played by live players.
  14. Wow, awesome! Does this mean you'll take Monkey Island out of its frame as well?
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