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  1. As have most of their Star Wars and Marvel shows.
  2. James Woodcock of Pixel Refresh interviewed me about the poster project, and for the first time I'll show a more in-depth look at my restoration processes. Also, this was my first appearance on a podcast, so I stumble over the English languange a lot. Still, I hope it's enjoyable! https://www.pixelrefresh.com/game-gadget-podcast-25-restoring-retro-game-posters-with-jan-hofmeister/
  3. I firmly expect some key-less Collector's Editions to show up on eBay after they've been shipped.
  4. The "sold out" is just a bug in their site that happens on all pre-orders that haven't started yet. And the date on the image is just an error, which was probably an earlier date they wanted to hit and forgot to update. Easy.
  5. Ah okay, I guess it's easier to just repaint the windows if I want to clean up that poster. Thanks for digging those out!
  6. Oh right, good catch. But I assume that specific angle is nowhere to be found? Or maybe in a cutscene?
  7. Quick question about the Grim Fandango cover: Is the background with the oriental-looking windows used anywhere else? Is it maybe from a background in the game?
  8. I might be a little late for this, but sure, I can tell you that they are also releasing LOOM. 😉 Of course, I couldn't tell you if anything else was in the works, but I CAN tell you that right know I don't know if anything else is in the works.
  9. Also, the packaging and posters will feature completely new clean-ups of the artworks by me.
  10. It's not. It will be on the USB drive, though. The disc will be the VGA version, as it is available on GOG.com https://twitter.com/LimitedRunGames/status/1611094445293817894?s=20
  11. What he says. I'm glad that Jake got to be involved in this one as well, as the added case file and the overall design will have this fit nicely next to the S&M Remastered big boxes.
  12. Samsung smart TVs up until their 2021 models don't even need an extra device, as they support the Steam Link app. Your controller can simply be plugged into the TVs USB ports. Newer models don't support the app anymore, though.
  13. Just so we're on the same page, don't sell anything with any of my restorations or pattern recreations on it. Feel free to share your files for everybody to print them themselves, though, of course.
  14. I don't care what the group wants 😉 Outlaws might be one of the next projects.
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