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  1. The first few seconds of the "Underwater" track above contain a harp riff that reminds me of the Spinner Cay cue:
  2. It has everything I need, especially easy drag-and-drop playlists. (there's probably better stuff out there, but I'm an old fart)
  3. Fun fact: WinAmp is still my current music player.
  4. A little addition from me as well (track markers can be found in the video description). EDIT: New version with track names. EDIT 2: Newer version with tracker names.
  5. I would love to see a sequel to ToMI after this. The whole concept of "More (Tall) Tales from the Monkey Island Universe" fits RtMI's ending just perfectly. And Tales had some great story threads, onviously the Voodoo Lady's and Morgan's, to pick up again.
  6. The starting positions for that puzzle are shown above the three stone doors you had to open to progress. One of the stone rings turns only left, so you use the appropriate number of "left steps" on that, the second ring turns only right, so you use the number of "right steps" on that. The number of years is the number of times you have to press on the center button.
  7. To clarify, it's all high-level complaining, as the whole musical experience in RtMI is just wonderful. And hearing another version of Woodtick is generally a good thing. Hell, I specifically praised the pause menu using a minor version of the Lookout theme in the details thread, without arguing that they could have composed a new theme for that. I don't know why I treat these two differently.
  8. Still, rehashing it for this basically prevented them from composing a new tune instead. Just imagine had they delivered a brand new track at a similar quality, would you feel like you were robbed of a Woodtick reprise? As Dom said, it already got its most perfect arrangement with the SE.
  9. I've already recorded the first 30 minutes of music from the game today (rough estimation, I haven't edited anything yet), and from the looks of it, it'll be a massive tracklist (and quite difficult to deal with variations). My only chronology change is that I've moved the chapter card to AFTER the opening credits (instead of at the very start), and my tracklist up to now looks like this: 1. Main Menu 2. Underground Tunnels Prelude 3. Big Whoop Main Square 4. Scurvy Dogs Shack 5. Outhouse 6. Big Whoop Park 7. Story Time 8. Opening Titles 9. Chapter Card 10. Revisiting the Lookout 11. Mêlée Island Docks 12. The SCUMM Bar 13. New Pirate Leaders 14. Mêlée Island Low Street / Old Pirate Leaders / High Street The Big Whoop area sounds like one seamless track, but the side tracks actually have their own loop points, so they can be made into separate tracks. A difficult one is the park area, where the sword training has a variation of the loop, but it only plays for a few seconds, until the sword fight is over. So it'll be quite difficult to capture a full loop of that one. For now, the Lookout track was the only one where I noticed an actual outro once you leave the screen. Mêlée Island for now sounds like one big loop, cross-fading through its variations, but that's where I stopped recording. Maybe for the sakes of a shorter tracklist, more cues can be combined, but then again, if you want to play specific cues, you would have to search though a long track, which isn't ideal either. That being said, I don't know if I manage to go through the whole game like this. Maybe it CAN work as a team effort. BUT: I think it might make more sense to wait until we have working extraction tools for the music tracks. It'll still be work to compile a working album out of those snippets.
  10. Well, if I'm not mistaken, you can even swap them out WHILE running the game. So in theory, you could just have a bunch of subfolders to move save-files in and out of. But sure, more pages on the save screen would make this much easier (and better).
  11. Thanks, I already have a scan of the Loom FM-Towns cover, so I'll deal with that at some point. The FOA comic book covers were painted by Dave Dorman, as opposed to William Eaken, who painted the game's cover. They are a slightly out of scope for this project, at least as long as there are bigger fish to fry. On the upside, here's another round of begging for scans. With the recent find of the photo of the original "Outlaws" painting (yeah, I only found a photo, not the painting itself), I think I'll tackle that one next. I'm still missing a good 600 dpi scan of a (good condition) Outlaws box. Both the US release and the UK "LucasArts Classics" release would be of interest, as both have relatively little text on them: Furthermore, there's a double-page ad for the game in issue #38 of the US magazine PC Gamer (July 1997), which might be useful as well: Anybody able to help out?
  12. As little aside, it just dawned on me that the RtMI photo booths put up at GamesCom and PAX have a whole different feel in light of the end of the game, especially the cardboard cutout characters (but also the fake facades).
  13. It'll be really difficult to build a proper album out of just in-game recordings. There's so much cross-fading going on - not only as variations in the same track, but also when new cues start playing. Short of an official release, we'll definitely need a music rip from the game files to construct a clean tracklist. I hope someone can come up with the necessary tool (the Thimbleweed Park tools don't work, I checked).
  14. This channel is slowly adding new tracks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmfrI5_WjHGNB6jp3GqsMUQ/videos
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