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  1. Wow, didn't expect this kind of response, thanks! Alright, if it's okay with the mods, I'll add a PayPal donation link to the opening post. It'll only stay up as long as it's needed. EDIT: Here we go! I've refrained from putting it in the opening post, so that no one thinks this is general payment for the poster project itself (greetings, Disney lawyers!). The funding goal is set to 75 USD, so that it only covers the costs of the map. As a side note: Collecting money to acquire a map feels very adventure-game-appropriate.
  2. The Cursed soundtrack was a completely (well, mostly) original work though, while this "simply" contains a converted version of the original audio. But yeah, most likely no one will mind.
  3. If you got the loop markers working, wouldn't this just need a batch or script to extract everything needed from the game data files, and apply those changes? I'm just thinking that it might be safer to NOT share the music itself.
  4. Since the reprinted books of the map out there seem to be mostly crap, I guess this is our best bet at a quality version of it: https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?kn=Original Map Coasts Islands Aegaean Is there enough interest in this for us to collect some money to purchase this? I haven't done this before for the poster project, and I wanted to keep money out of it for all these years, but I'm thinking about mobilizing the community for stuff like this. Could you see yourselves donating to the project for this? Total costs for the map + shipping would be $77.50 (I know some of you have purchased items for the project before, and I'm really thankful for that!)
  5. Is this something that can be achieved via a delta patch, or would this require a download of the complete recompressed music? The latter would be more problematic to share (legally) than what the Ultimate Talkies do.
  6. Working with a rip of the map from the Geographicus site, I've come up with this approximation to the coloring of the map seen on the box and manual.
  7. No, the book is public domain, so you can print and sell it as you wish.
  8. That's some crazy stuff. I assume it uses detail and style it finds in the rest of the image. I'd love to play with this, to find out, how specific your text input can get. "Reconstruct bread" maybe? Also, does Dall-E allow for just small image manipulations, like "remove noise", "remove halftone pattern" or "remove compression artifacts"? Stuff that won't totally change the content of the image itself.
  9. Sounds good enough for the stuff I do. I hope I'll get access!
  10. Woah, this might come in handy, thanks! Generally Dall-E could really make a few things easier when cleaning up or extending artworks. I don't even know how it's used though. Does it have a GUI? What are the limits regarding image resolution? How long does computing these variations or paint-outs take? EDIT I've got another request: can you try removing the logo from the Zak McKracken poster? Does it offer variations for object removal too?
  11. Dall-E is still an absolute mystery to me. I thought it was a "text to image" tool? I didnt know you could provide an image and get variations on it. I've put myself on the waiting list. I'd be interested in seeing variations of the different cover artworks from my poster thread.
  12. No, my mistake, I didn't post about it yet. And obviously we had the same (good) idea to get the best possible quality off that site.
  13. Thanks! Is that just a site-rip of the Geographicus link above? Because I did the same using Firefox' site inspector
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