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  1. ^ Image from DeviantArt, caption from old Nintendo tee-shirt, quote from Terry Pratchett.
  2. It is an old thread, yes. But someone necro'd it a while ago and the discussion has just sort-of resumed. Four years a fair amount of time and offers much in the way of hindsight. I've always considered MI1 and 2 to be two halves of the same game, much in the same way that Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter both make up the first game in that particular series (and from what I recall Ron Gilbert did originally want it to be one game, but I can't remember where I read that). Individually I still rate MI1 higher than MI2. MI3 was almost as good as the first two games. MI4, though? Let's pretend it didn't happen.
  3. I received the same message. I assumed it was some kind of database glitch. Either that or the user was sending out a bunch of spam PMs and has since had her (his?) account deleted, which probably deleted his (her?) outbound messages as well.
  4. If there's a Nintendo handheld available, I've got it.
  5. ^ I get the feeling this user might like Yoda a little. Can't be sure, though.
  6. I'd take anything the grunts at GameStop tell you with a pinch of salt. I remember being told by GameStop employees that the release of Eye of Judgment on the PS3 had been cancelled, when it obviously hadn't. Generally speaking, if a GameStop employee says it I'm inclined to believe the opposite. Still, it may be worth trying to contact the devteam to verify the info.
  7. The people who run it, i.e. the team of Admins who patrol the site, and the administrative body who run Wikipedia and the WikiMedia Foundation. I'd strongly urge anyone who thinks that Wikipedia is "great" check out [WikiTruth].
  8. I really disliked the way MI4 dicked about with established continuity and the MI Universe in general. The first three MI games sort of toyed with the fourth wall but never really broke it, while MI4 threw a brick through it, ransacked it for loot, and then told some really duff jokes on the way out. MI3 isn't as good as the first two games but so far as I'm concerned it's a fitting end to the series. Kudos to the developers for managing to do Stan's suit in 3D, though.
  9. Wikipedia is a brilliant idea ruined by the small-minded ideology and narrow perception of the people who run it.
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