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  1. Fine. You guys win. The Wii can have its weak excuse for multiplayer. All I am saying is a duel mode is a boring simplistic way to have semi multiplayer. In truth it should be called duoplayer. All I want is to fight multiple enemies with multiple friends, and Lucasarts has let me down. Now I will have to wait another year or so, possibly more, until they make another game like Jedi Academy so me and my friends can get the multiplayer that is actually enjoyable and cooperative. Multiplayer that is anything but MULTI is weak, if they wanted that type of gameplay they should remake, and I shudder at the thought, Episode III for next gen. I am not against duel mode as you said, I am just for a fun and entertaining MULTIplayer. You know, where MULTIPLE people can play and have a fun time. I will probably end up trying it, but its not going to have lasting appeal like Academy's multiplayer did. And adamqd I read that post, it was good, but once i got to the end it shattered all my dreams. Unless LA is lieing, then the Bothan Spies were led astray.
  2. Your right of course. Wait, no one I know will play that game with me either. They don't enjoy getting their ass kicked. I hope that doesn't poke holes in your argument. And this isn't a fighting game, so why would anyone want a fighting game like multiplayer. If you ask me thats what doesn't make sense. An action game with fighting game multiplayer. I would think that would be harder to program and add in then a straight, heres a level, heres some AI, heres a lightsabre, GO. But maybe I am thinking about it the wrong way. And I don't know programming, nor much about game development, so I shouldn't say anything.
  3. Multiplayer USUALLY follows singleplayer in its style. Thats all. And its not about taking the game to seriously, if you never win, how the hell can you enjoy a game? So no one will play it if one person is amazing and just kills them all the time. They will play a game that is more cooperative. Duel modes suck for those that don't spend their lives playing games. For those that master combos and tricks and timing with hours of playtime I am sure it will be fun. Well until they can't find anyone to play against because no one wants to play the damn game.
  4. That may be. But its hard to find the fun in duel mode. Especially since it doesn't ship with fun, and no amount of DLC could make a duel mode fun. So I don't see why anyone with a Wii is even excited to get a duel mode. The only thing I have found that duel modes do is breed resentment in the duelers. Especially if the one guy plays it all the time and is better, cause then its lopsided and one person loses all the time. There is no fun there. Duel modes suck plain and simple. I could see if this was a fighting game that having a duel mode would make sense. But this isn't a fighting game. They shouldn't have wasted their time and energy on a duel mode. No game should offer less then 4 person multiplayer. Why are we regressing when the technology that powers such things are becoming more powerful. People like multiplayer, give us multiplayer.
  5. I am on the verge now. I love Star Wars, but Lucas Arts has been leading us along with a rope for a while now. This game may have an amazing story, but at the same time it will probably be lacking in every conceivable way. Thats just what Star Wars games (with the exception of Kotor 1 and 2, and all the X-Wing and Tie Fighter's) do. They offer so much, and tell you how amazing its going to be and then at the last second rip it all away. The fact that all the Jedi Knight games had multiplayer truly saved them. The story was mediocre to alright at best. This would have been alot better off with some kind of multiplayer. NOT a duel mode... a MULTIplayer. I despise duel mode, something like that will not make me buy two copies, nor will it make me rent the weaker Wii version.
  6. Totally agree, Duel modes suck. You can't be on a team with your friend. All you can do is compete, which can be fun but also aggravating. I would rather, as I have said before in these forums, have a full on multiplayer mode. Even if that takes a little away from the singleplayer. I just want a mode where me and a friend or two can take on legions of jedi and stormies with our own customizable characters.
  7. Option A. Single player is great, but even a tacked on multiplayer can be fun times, and often I would play ****ty multiplayer for triple the amount of time then the singleplayer. Unless it was something like Oblivion or other free roaming games. Single player is a vital component to a game, but playing with a friend is great too. Alot of people think of gamers as social outcasts and shut-ins, but I like to think of them as a social beast themselves, getting together to enjoy games as one. Without multiplayer it's hard to enjoy a game as long. Unless of course all you do is play games and shun friends, but barring that...
  8. Well since the Wii version has crap multiplayer, I won't be going for it. Duel modes can be fun, but I got enough of that from street fighter. Give me awesome waves of Jedi to slay with my buddy any day... playing verses modes are for chumps, I like multiplayer to play with friends, not against them.
  9. I concede your point, even though I do find those games lacking a vast amount of entertainment after the first play through. But there again is what I am talking about, sure they are awesome games, but after you finish not many people will play it again. I need to have alot of reasons to put a game back into my 360, not all of them multiplayer mind you, but that is one reason. If action games don't start coming around they won't have nearly as large of a fan base. Personally the only reason I may get this one is because I am such a Star Wars fan. But this no multiplayer thing is starting to push me to the nay side of getting it. I have been waiting for next-gen Star Wars game with JKA style multiplayer for some time now, and they decide to deliver a straight up single player experience. I am not one of those people that thinks my $60 on a game gets me a say, but I am not the only person who wants MP. I don't think a single person out there would say no to multiplayer, so why leave it out.
  10. Yes they do. This might as well be a third person shooter, only instead of guns you have the mighty force powers we have seen, and of course your faithful lightsaber. Oblivion was a third or firstperson game of similar qualities (magics and blades) and its was incredibly large, so I could understand no multiplayer. But this game, being apparently just a single player game, has no excuse. It doesn't have the freedom that other "single player" games have, so it only has a very slim chance at replayability. Sure, throwing Stormies around with your saber in their chest can be fun, but I doubt that this game will hold up for the long haul without some amazing multiplayer, or even semi good multiplayer. I played JK : Academy for almost 600 hours on multiplayer VS. AI, and its multiplayer was so so. Its one simple function to add, just use the same AI you have for the Jedi you hunt, put the characters in some cool maps and let people have at it. You and three friends vs. an endless supply of Jedi. Even a small create your own Jedi thing. I know its what people want, you know its what people want, why can't Lucasarts get it through their heads. Awesome tech is cool, but it only lends pizazz. to have staying power you need alot more then that.
  11. Well considering it says that there isn't multiplayer YET, not that there won't be multiplayer EVER, I don't fear much. Plus, this isn't a developer saying it. They could have a few different ideas floating around that could just be added in at the end. Or there could be D/L able content. Come on, its a faq, official yes, but who knows how accurate it could be. I have read official faqs that have been a complete load of bollocks before. Though if there is no multiplayer I think that Lucasarts is one of the dumbest game companies ever. And I would applaud their idiocy. Games have multiplayer, its a fact of life, especially games like this. A straightforward singleplayer experience DOES NOT CUT IT anymore. If they don't know it, they don't deserve to sell games. The technology looks awesome, I will give it that, but I enjoy a nice little co-op experience slicing some endless tides of baddies in a cool level. Not saying co-op single player, just some split screen fun in the sun. Lucasarts, wake up, if you don't put multiplayer in you cut your consumer base in half. And I don't think they are that stupid.
  12. Survival. We used the deathmatch mode to do a survival mode. Both me and my friend fighting off all the bots. Back against the wall. It was a sweet game mode. But i don't want it changed much from deathmatch, because that way you can have unlimited amounts of time to play in it. We would turn the time limit off and just play for hours, killing off 100's of Jedi, good times.
  13. Its the same style that the Dark Jedi that killed Corran Horns father used, if I am not mistaken. Though that Jedi held the hilt down and in front. But I would imagine this would give him an easier way of using the force. Move his arm quicker without fear of cutting it off. Also, this would allow for some cool and quick motions for attack and defense. It's more feasible that you may think.
  14. Or it could be balanced somehow. I know Corran Horn for one can absorb power. I am not saying everyone can do it (I know Luke can, to a much lesser extent), but lets use creative thinking, rather then everyone being the same mix it up. Thats why I loved Jedi Academy's multiplayer, so many options, so many cool things that could happen.
  15. What does it matter. Yes, we know he can't use lightning, those of us who read the EU do anyway. But the game makers took some artistic license. From the sounds of it it was for duel mode. And apparently its supposedly rediculous, because everyone and anyone can use "Dark Side" powers. (I use quotations because during the Killik novels there are discussions on if the force even has a Dark Side and Light Side, that its more how you use it) If there is anything we should be arguing over its if Jedi who shouldn't use these powers can. Such as if Luke uses them, should he be allowed too?
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