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  1. Thanks..... One solution we've begun to implement is to use IPsec to effectively ban repeat offenders that are on our permanent banlist. In some cases, to be effective, we may have to ban an entire IP range....but it is one way to keep out some repeat offenders and clear-up space on our banlist.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm one of the senior admins for our gaming communities SWBFII servers (we are WGO - World Gaming Order....and have 6 dedicated SWBFII servers online 24/7). We use BBO version 1.1 to run/manage our servers. As some of you know, (Triphammer...I'm guessing you are the only one listening.... ) there is effectively a limit of 64 players than can be banned using BBO v1.1 for any given server. I've heard that this 64-ban limit is specific to the BBO SM/RM software and not the actual game-server itself. I don't know for sure if that's true or not. Can any of you confirm this or enlighten me? Also....I'm wondering if we might ableto have some sort of script that runs independant of the BBO SM/RM software that maybe could issue the rcon commands to the server so that everytime the server was started it would load a list of permanant bans. And in so doing, we could just use the BBO software to manage our timed/temporary bans....thereby effectively allowing us to have the banlist go above 64 if needed. So, basically, I'm just fishing for ideas as to whether they is any way to work-around the 64-entry limit for bans. Thoughts?
  3. I've noticed that there are journal files that are created. The files appear to be binary so would require some sort of reader program. Can anybody enlighten me what is in these files and what to use or how to read them?
  4. I've got a dedicated server up and running and have been playing with it for a couple weeks now. Most of the settings/options look pretty straightforward and have worked as I'd expect. Map rotations, next map, and the ability to change things on the fly have been a bit of a mystery to me however. I can change to a specific map quite easily, I know how to run the next map in the server rotation, etc.... Some things that havent' worked as I'd expect are: choosing "Set next map" doesn't seem to have any impact.... the next map doesn't seem to change. I see a message in the server log, but it doesn't run the map I chose next when the game ends. Also, I kinda thought that checking/unchecking and sorting/resorting the map list would change the map rotation on-the-fly while the server is running. But it doesn't seem to be working, at least I havent' figured out how to make it behave like I think it should. I've scanned through a copy of "SWBF2_BBO_SM-RM_User_guide.pdf" that I downloaded and haven't seen anything that really gives me a better understanding. Can any of you guys tell me what I should expect to be able to do (and what I can't do) with regard to changing the map rotation on-the-fly with the server still running? Do you have to start/stop/reset the server to change the maps that will be run and/or the order they will run? Thanks
  5. Playing hero assault mode online as leia.... Sniping from a long distance and watching noob/clueless villians think they are being team attacked and start to tk each other not realizing what was happening to them. Pure joy.
  6. For the records... you don't need to do anything with ports on your "modem"..... but you do need to make sure the appropriate port forwarding is setup in your router. For instance, if you are using say port 3000 for remote manager access... you'll need to make sure the router has portforwarding setup for port 3000 so that it sends all that traffic to the ip address of your game-server computer. it goes something like this.... your friend tries to connect to: where is the external IP address of your router. Your router "answers the call" and sees that someone is calling a specific port...port #4000. It looks in it's port-forwarding table (if you've set it up) and sees that any traffic arriving from the internet seeking port 4000 should be sent to your game-server-computer and not mom's kitchen computer which might also be connected to the router. Basically the router uses the 4000 to know which of your home computers that "call" should be made/forwarded to.... Hope that helps a wee bit...
  7. I'm new to this...but it appears that if you enable game-stats logging and the player completes a game... you'll get their keyhash in the .csv file that is created. Also looks like it will show up in the server log file *IF* they ever got any warnings or boots/bans previously. Maybe another way that I don't know of though.
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