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  1. The Big Apple... New York City... any Sam and Max fan knows that's where the Freelance Police work. LA = LucasArts?
  2. www.youtube.com/user/Retelltalegames That's right... I've started an abridged series, y'all! Prepare to witness a Sam and Max fan's retelling of the wacky misadventures of the canine shamus and lagomorph companion! Consider this my Christmas gift to all the Mojoers on this forum. If you like Sam and Max, this series is for you! If you hate Sam and Max... well, this series is also for you! This first episode recreates the epic encounter against Brady Culture... only this time, it takes the Freelance Police less than ten minutes to accomplish this task! Quite a feat, if you ask me...
  3. Sorry, I just had to jump on the "Special Edition" thread bandwagon! I'd like to see them use a graphics style similar to that one Flash cartoon "Our Bewildering Universe"... I think Flash is how they make 2D games nowadays! What to add? Hint system... audio commentary... maybe a new area to explore? And maybe more minigames (particularly if they're as addictive as Carbomb)! Oh, and KEEP THE ORIGINAL VOICES!
  4. And wait till you check out Poop Tennis! If you don't know what Poop Tennis is, it's where one person makes a YTP, and challenges someone else to remix the previous one, adding clips when necessary. I'm currently playing a Poop Tennis match against a YouTube user named "gimpnipples" (laugh at that name if you must).
  5. Update: I've added a fifth episode to my ESINEM series. Thought the first four were weird? Wait until you catch a glimpse of "YouTube Poop FiveEpisode"!
  6. It is written, only Link can toast toast for Ganon! Squadalah! I hope she made dinner! My ship sails in my seven Koopa Hotels! I'll grab my PINGAS! If you can actually recognize any of this, you've probably been watching a YouTube Poop. It's this weird video on YouTube where you take footage from video games, cartoons, TV shows, movies, etc., and mash it up so that it becomes something completely different... and weird. In fact, I have created my own YTP series called "ESINEM", which derives mainly from the Sam and Max cartoon series. I've got five episodes done so far! You can find them here: www.youtube.com/user/LACOSAM Of course, if you've got any YTPs to share (including some you've made yourself), you might want to talk about them here!
  7. I think it would be interesting to use 3D backgrounds with 2D characters. After all, it worked for the Paper Mario series!
  8. This post says something about "holding the voice actors from Hit the Road hostage"... http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showpost.php?p=228952&postcount=55 What could it mean?
  9. Yes, you may. In fact, I'm going to add another picture to this site later on. Watch for it!
  10. My response: Yes! (Like anyone needed to ask.)
  11. Just thought I'd get in on the LOLcat craze: http://lolsamandmax.weebly.com Here's an image from the site. Pretty cool, huh?
  12. Let me in on some of this vault action! There's a certain source code that I'm dying to own a copy of!
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