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  1. Like the title says I can't get the mod to work. And I have no Idea how to use the cheats
  2. I can't figure out what folder I am supposed to edit to use cheats. I need basically a total idiots guide to this. Please help.
  3. I am terribly sorry, I just assumed since the forum title was mod request that I could request a mod here. It won't happen again.
  4. I was wondering if someone could make me a Carth Onassi reskin mod. I was thinking last night that he would make a decent Han Solo. Then I got to thinking about a Indiana Jones mod. Istead of a whip I would just use a sword or gun. Is this even possible?
  5. As far as I remembered on the xbox version you started off on a space station and you werent a jedi. Am I wrong? I'm sorry I didn't realize you were a jedi that soon. I want to start the game by using a lightsaber. Any mods on that?
  6. Is there a mod to begin as a jedi on KOTOR 2. I have the mod for KOTOR 1 and I just got part 2 so any help would be great!
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