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  1. I have it set at 250 and it doesn't make a difference.
  2. I have tried this. It is better than nothing, but the newest saber system just looks SO amazing that I can just sit there watching bots duel an almost feel like I'm watching a film. So it annoys me that I can't have saberstaffs.
  3. well, thank you for not making me feel like a COMPLETE idiot....
  4. But nobody has actually answered my main question...how hard would it be to do it? And max, I never misinterpreted you or said your logic was the same as mine. I just carried your logic through to its logical end...if you really don't like that vicious cycle, the easiest way to get rid of it would be to eliminate the bots altogether. If there were no bots, there'd be nothing to tease me with how amazing they could be with a few simple changes. Clearly this isn't a very new-person-friendly mod, especially considering I offered to HELP with it.
  5. how hard would it be for an amateur coder like myself to add the feature i'm asking for?
  6. Why were TABbots developed in the first place then? Why are they still part of OJP? If aforementioned paragraphs are really your goal, wouldn't eliminating bots from the mod entirely only serve to further that goal? No bots, no more vicious cycle. Furthermore, isn't the promise of vastly improved bots (definitely listed as one of the features of OJP wherever it appears) equally a source of false hope, if the attitude of the developers towards bots is actually so negative? There are many, many players who don't like online gaming for a multitude of reasons. Speaking as a noob to OJP (though certainly not to the JK community, as I've done some modding and coding in the past, I believe I was even partially responsible for the surge of interest in SP NPCs back in the JK2 era)...but as a noob to OJP, I find it incredibly disappointing that a developer of a mod that features bots as one of its main points would have such a negative attitude towards bots, which are the only real hope of entertainment for someone who doesn't enjoy online gaming.
  7. Well after messing with a whole bunch of cvars I actually seem to have fixed the duel mode problem...at least as of my first test. Now I need to go back and figure out exactly which cvar change is responsible. Please, though, somebody look into how easy it would be to add that bot saber style option. Now I am completely at a loss...I went back and changed everything to its pre-fixed state, but duel mode still seems to be working fine.
  8. I have tried pretty much every different version of the OJP pk3s that I can find (including the ones in max's sig) and every one still has a problem (excluding .9 versions, of course, but those don't exactly have all the current features). Sometimes duel mode will allow you get ONE duel in before sending you back to the profile screen and not allowing you to fix anything. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the experience system because it's resetting all the force powers when it does this. I have a similar problem sometimes in FFA. I'll be killed and then instead of respwaning I'll be kicked back to the profile screen with all my force powers gone. However in FFA mode I am able to re-select the powers and rejoin the game. In Duel mode, it's just stuck because whenever you click on something it flickers to the correct screen and then goes right back to the main profile menu (where it has the 5 options...name, lightsaber, etc, but nothing on the right side of the screen).
  9. I wish someone would at least tell me its not possible. If not, a cvar to disable the experience system would be nice...that way the bots would just use whatever saber setup the bot config told them to. If I could get the bots to use dual sabers, and if the duel mode problem was fixed, this would be the PERFECT mod. *hopes*
  10. Is there any way to configure specific bots to use specific saber forms/styles? Particularly in order to force them to use dual sabers or saberstaffs.
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