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  1. That's for the PC version I forgot to mention it was for the PS2 version I'm looking for, know where I can find that?
  2. Don't sterotipe us like that, I have not once shouted or screamed anything down my headset on the PS2 and I've seen a couple of adults go crazy on a headset.Seriously why do all adults seem to think were all trying to be annoying some are annoying but not all.
  3. 'Tis a shame good luck with finding an alliance.
  4. I have sm from blackbagops and I've been trying to get it to work for over a week now and I've seen a few video tutorials and my main problem seems to be when I download the file it dosn't make a file called Lucasarts in program files so I can't install it. I can get the .exe to open but I can't do anything with it there being no maps to choose from and such. I think it might be Vista causing these problems but I'm not sure anyone running it on Vista?
  5. All I ever use speeder bikes for is suicide I just cover them in as many mines and other explosives as I can then crash into somebody.It's a lot more fun than it sounds..
  6. My alliance is based in Europe so we wouldn't be able to play each other on the PS2.
  7. I never bothered getting the game is it better or worse than battlefront 2?
  8. What servers you play on, the Europian servers? Incase you didn't understand the question what continent are you playing from i.e Europe, Asia, North America etc. I ask because as you probably know people on different continents can't play each other which is why i ask this.
  9. I've not seen you around before you on the Europe servers?
  10. That's right were here and bring gifts of Lulz and feeesh (not fish but feeesh theres a HUGE difference) if you think we are talking about fish then you are epic phail that's right you fail so much it's spelt with a ph. We at {Boyd} are all about the lulz and encourage forum activity and random insanity in general.{Boyd} has been in the planning stages for a while and was officialy created yesterday.We take a more casual approach to the game. But don't think because we are randomly insane there are no rules oh no are stictest law which MUST be followed at all times is this: -Smart dress to be worn at all times (feather boas and flouresant jacket optional) Apparently the forum name is inappropriate so if you want to join just send me a message and I'll send you the link don't be scared of by the name it's named after this song - http://youtube.com/watch?v=WhwbxEfy7fg. And if you do well enough in {Boyd} you will get new exiting weapons such as this one
  11. I have recently been setting up a clan for the ps2 version with a friend of mine it's been in planning for a while but was officialy created only today. We promote random insanity amongst our members and forum activity.We have a more relaxed approach to the game but that dosn't mean you can do what ever the hell you want oh no we have rules such as - smart dress must be worn (feather boas and flouresant jackets optional) I havn't had much time to work on the forums (which are here <snippet>) so sorry if they look a bit drab they will be changed some time soon. Edit:Made a first attempt at a main banner, I'm undecided on it at the moment and If you want to join send me a message because apparently the name was inapropriate and SOMEBODY edited it out I mean come on we all the the `big bad` words around here this seems a bit rediculous.
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