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  1. thanks but if i keep talkin to you i wont find one
  2. o well that well that sucks ill keep lookin
  3. nah i play ps2 and north america
  4. ok with all the clan stuff going on i figured i would join in too my screen name is ~*spiker*~. im on almost everyday after 5. im a desent sniper and heavy trooper. i also play speicals too. the only thing is i have no mic if that is important. and i only have a ps2 online and i might be getting th pc virsion. so if i can join your clan reply plz.
  5. what do you mean wrong section its swbf2 isnt it?
  6. im looking to join a clan for swbf2 on the ps2. i am on almost everyday after 5 and love the game. im a good sniper and simi good heavy trooper. i also play as speicials. the only thing is i dont have a mic if that matters. so if theres a clan out there willing to let me in my screen name is ~*spiker*~ and i would like to be apart of the swbf2 clan action.
  7. I play star wars battlefront 2 on the ps2 and with all the clane stuff going on i wanted in on it. so i thought i would go here and find one. my screen name is ~*spiker*~ and i will play heavy trooper, sniper or speical i will most likly play sniper. I think im pretty good. but i have no mic. so if i can join your clan on ps2 email me at shortman_53@yahoo.com no spaming.
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