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  1. Whatever it is it probably means release is within 1 year from now. Hurray! Anybody here actually going to sign up for it? I don't want a single piece of content ruined before release so ill pass.
  2. movie kinda fails. I understand the game is still far from finished but Bioware is all about showing things when it is of acceptable quality and stuff. so this doesn't give me much hope. The graphics are still off, the animations are bad, the VO work is hilariously poor. Bad feeling.....
  3. just because they are making TOR doesn't mean there won't be a kotor3... sure it's extremely unlikely, but i can dream right?
  4. So this could potentially be an awesome game. I'm thinking Kotor III, jedi knight 4, new tie fighter game.... err... battlefront 3. All potentially decent to awesomesauce games. What do you guys think? (sorry about starting a new thread, was excited and missed this one)
  5. pretty cool movie but it doesn't contain alot of new info... kind of a minor downer... but still very cool overall
  6. laaaaaaaaammmeeeeeeeeeeeeee update.......
  7. "GW: We are close to beta though. Close to beta we are running through our own community. We have people signed up. We have about a quarter million people signed up. And we understand what their system specs are. So you know we’ll start with a lot of small testing and we’ll move on from there. Again, we’ve done a lot of in-house testing with outside people already. We do a lot of focus testing. We do a lot of version builds testing along the way because you can’t really make games without consumer feedback." Close to beta = win. And i've been wondering about something. During every single E3 interview they keep claiming the game is 2700 years before the movies instead of 3700. Stupid mistake or something else?
  8. http://www.gophn.com/star-wars-the-old-republic-e3-2009-interview/ read and be surprised by some new facts!
  9. http://video.ign.com/streaming/e3-2009/index.html showing TOR live in 2 mins. If you wanne see tune in! edit: Ok it was just a lame 5 min interview. No actual footage from the flash-point they are showing at E3..... *cry*
  10. awesome teaser. It keeps us entertained but at the same time it tells us absolutely nothing... Weak Bioware.... I hope to god they give us some more info during the play session.
  11. exactly. With the massive focus on class specific storylines it's not gonne happen. Period.
  12. so far we haven't really seen any original outfits.... but i think Bioware deserves a little credit. I'm sure they're just showing it off like this to make it recognizable as Star Wars.... i hope so anyway
  13. i think heroengine already has physics technology integrated in it so having some rag-doll stuff to make it look less lame shouldn't be too hard.
  14. the 'death' animations look a whee bit static to me but otherwise an ok-ish video.
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