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  1. I might say that's a bit... /davidcarusojoke here



  2. Fun fact: You haven't posted on the forums in one year. :D

  3. How good are you at it anyway? Can you read Chinese websites yet? Isn't Chinese all about pronouncing the character and throwing them together in a random mess of grammar?

  4. Hey- I just wanted to pop by quickly and say that I'm not going to be able to make it on tonight (today, future-dweller!), as I've got to attend something tomorrow (and the rest of the week) for Chinese. However, I will be on tomorrow evening- we've got a chess game to finish (for me to win!). ;)

  5. Sah! Your inbox beckons, with comments, questions, and notes! o_Q

  6. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  7. Been a while, hasn't it? Keeping well?

  8. o_Q Sir, I am impressed right now. Yeah- we got back on Monday. It was a sad- if interesting in reminiscing- event. Lots of funny stories exchanged, and lots of sighs. But I digress.


    I'm sorry for not getting on this weekend; I've been up in my neck with homework and other stuff. However, I will most definitely be on throughout this week that we might communicate. Upon this, you have my word (not that it means much at this point, but given, nonetheless).

  9. 你回来了吗?

  10. Well, I've got college the next few days, so unfortunately, unless you choose to use the computer in the morning, we shall be unable to meet till the end of the week!

  11. Sire! I am writing here to inform you that, despite being online, the force weighing down upon my eyes is currently exceeding the energy required to keep them open. Thus, sleep is inevitable. At this point, I wish you a good morning, Sabre; I shall endeavor to come on early tomorrow, but if not, tomorrow will be our meting definitely.



  12. We've got a SUPER SURPRISE NEW MEMBER in the main chat. Also, why is that you're online so often without even posting anything on LF, this is baffling. x_x

  13. Document REDACTED is en route pending our next REDACTED Chat. However, if REDACTED finds out about it all, then our plans are for naught. We must move with secrecy and guile, REDACTED, lest our plans are exposed to the forces of darkness.


    Reactions to the plan from REDACTED were... mixed. REDACTED approved wholeheartedly, citing its shrewd maneuvers and obfuscation of its true intentions. REDACTED, REDACTED, and REDACTED were of mixed-to-favorable opinion, with questions concerning its specific viability and potency. REDACTED* was entrenched against it.


    We must proceed, REDACTED. For the good of REDACTED everywhere. We must proceed.


    *REDACTED for possible termination.

  14. Well sir, what happened of the TOP SECRET DOCUMENT? Surely you have CLASSIFIED it to the rightful authorities, namely Mr CLASSIFIED from CLASSIFIED? What reactions did you get from the appropriate censor boards, namely CLASSIFIED?

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