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    I regard knowledge as potential energy. It is power, but one must recognize that power is only a means and not an end.
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  1. Perhaps that's why Bao and the exile understood each other so much... or at least Bao understood the exile. They both lost something 'physical' in a sense, and not many people can relate to that. Well, kreia could've, but she was ALWAYS emphasising with the exile (except when she wanted something out of him/her) to manipulate him/her. lol.


    I won't help people who don't need help. Like most of my friends - I would never dream of helping them, because they just treat other people horribly, they're out for themselves, and they're full of themselves. Well, most of them are. But if someone wants to talk to me about a problem, but then backs out because they feel like they've said something stupid, I'll let them know I'm here to talk to. :) People can't help themselves, sometimes... just having someone to talk to is help, as well.


    The other day I was in Primark buying clothes, and I was in the line. And this woman was behind me. She started talking to me, and for some reason (im not sure why, but I felt quite good about it) she started telling me about how she's got lots of things wrong with her health and how she couldn't afford it, and how her son died not too long ago. It was reallly horrible to hear it all, but even though I didn't know her, I just knew that talking to someone makes you feel better, and at least know that someone cares.


    That's why I help, anyway. People need to know someone wants to listen.

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