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    I regard knowledge as potential energy. It is power, but one must recognize that power is only a means and not an end.
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  1. Lol there's a lot of it. Good luck if you're actually going to read it all :xp:

  2. So you're an uncle now. I remember what it was like to think someone my age (this was way back) had a sibling who was already independent. Now I look back and realize that it's not really that peculiar that an uncle could be younger than the niece/nephew.


    Congratulations to her and I hope that she gets through the endless nights of screaming and crying until she's kicking him out the door.

  3. oh... my sister had her baby at about 1:30. i havn't gotten to see her yet though. the hospital's an hour away

  4. I'm not. That was more like an inside joke that certain moderators would understand.


    How's your sister now?

  5. hey, are you christian? i saw that you yelled at someone in a post for taking god's name in vain and i wondered if you were

  6. Just got back from some 'light' yard work. Tell me to mow the property, what trouble could that be? Yeah, with all the saplings, stray pieces of wood, rocks, and overgrowth around a half-kilometer perimeter... right.


    Anyway, I will get around to reading your poetry and see if I can decompile it all to trace where your life has gone in the last three months.

  7. Well hopefully she'll get a job and the marriage will work out :]


    And no worries, you don't need to read them all haha. And I really do write more when I'm down, don't I? :xp: ahh, sue me. lol.

  8. Yeah, I'll get around to it. I still have a lot of your poetry that's piled up in deviantart that I need to go through. I'm surprised just how much you can write... you must really have had some problems. (Joke being that you write more when you're depressed)


    Well I would say not soon enough. My sister is way overdue for moving out of the house. I just hope that she gets a job soon, or things will fall apart for her.

  9. Wow, that's a bit too soon! Engaged after two months? Yikes. I hope they know what they're getting themselves into.


    And you've never read any of them? That's a shame, because what I've read so far is really good :] bit hard to follow since I've forgotten virtually every single star wars object minus datapad, but y'know, it's a learning progress lol.

  10. Not really. I've been going through scientific journal articles a lot more recently because I need to learn a lot before I get back for my last year.


    Glad to hear that your sister's not very tolerant to pregnancy issues. That should make things easier for you and your mother.


    My sister met this guy about half a year ago. They had known one another when they were children, but he moved elsewhere and they just happened to run into each other. He was much like the son my father wanted... right down to his name, Arron. And they liked each other, engaged within two months, and will be married on 09/09/09.

  11. oh very inspirational :xp: lol.

    Your sister's getting married? When did she meet the guy?

    It's calming down a little, i think my sisters going to abort it, because she can't even handle the morning sickness (it's bad), and that's absolutely nothing compared to the rest of the pregnancy/giving birth/having the baby to look after.


    I've been reading Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, Betrayal. Have you read any of these books?

  12. Great to see you again.


    I thought I would do the same thing, but I have been busy with some unexpected events. Sister's getting married and I have to prepare to finish my collage career. I also have a cousin who's visiting and he's very inspirational. Get this; he's unemployed and lives with his parents.


    How are things with you? (I am really asking about your sister and mother on the latest issue) Have you been able to find some means of escape from all that?

  13. lol, well yeah. but I thought once summer hit I'd be able to read stuff finally, and that hasn't really happened.


  14. thanks.

    and yes my sister's still in labor

  15. (click on 'you have 0 unread messages)

    Go under 'Edit my details.'

    There should be a blank screen under the 'optional settings' You need to check or uncheck a box and write down what you want

    The rest is pretty straight forward.


    PS: how's your sister doing? Is she in labor, or is that past?

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