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    Student, working to be a Psychologist so that I can start to make a difference to peoples lives. :) I'm quirky, a bit of an air-head and very complex, yet somehow I'm intelligent and creative. :]
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    KOTOR 1&2
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  1. Imagine some random person on the forums reading our conversations. They must be thinking "creepers" :lol:


    Yeah, to be honest most guys are not to picky when it come to who they'll have sex with. I on the other hand have standards and an not desperate. If I go through college (in U.S. thats school years when I'm 19-22 years old) and never have sex, then, maybe I'll get desperate, not before.


    Wow, he's planning it? Still, it should not be hard to find someone...lot odf desperate, horny people out there. :xp:


    Today, some random guy comes up and asks me "Hey, you are friends with Amy right?" (Amy is my best friend that is a girl) And I say "Yeah". Then he asks how long she stays mad at people. I think thats an odd question, but I told him we get pissed off at eachother sometimes, but make the next day. The guy is all happy and skips away. Than Amy informs me that he is some creepy stalker who just won't take no for an answer and even had his mom call so he could get a date with her. And I gave him the impression he had a chance...oops. :xp:


    Fake ID? So many possibilities...:D Ah, weed, some of my friends do it. It's funny, I like this honors class semi-nerd and all my freind are thte people who smoke and drink and of course my friend, who knows jujitsu and has pink throwing knives which she calls "total awesomeness." Are your friends a bit strange too?



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