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    Chloe O'Brian and Cameron Phillips fanboy. I am a high school student. People tell me that I'm quirky. I like reading, writing, drawing. Sometimes I have a short attention span - oooh look, a beetle!
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    Fighting for TSCC
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    Uhh...things and um stuff, yes I'm very into stuff.
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    gamer, student and part time pain in the ass
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    Kotor 1
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  1. Lmao, you'd actually be surprised how many people jump from building to building. Or even climb buildings for that matter. But I'm sure you'll have a good time. ^^

    And I haven't really broken up from college yet... we're in for another 2 weeks, but the work has stopped. Not too bad if you ask me :) I'm terrified of going to university... it doesn't seem like I'm old enough. lol.

  2. I'm coming over on July 23rd and I'll be there until August 12th. Too bad the dollar sucks now - I think its like 2 dollars to the pound...ah well.:) What is hilarious is that Cambridge sent me a rule book for when I stay on campus and one of the rules is "do not climb onto the roof of a building and attempt to jump top the roof of another building." :confused: Who does that? :lol:



    Only one year of high school left and then its off to a university for me! Got to start all of those applications and admissions essays...eurgh. :¬:


    So how has the vacation been going?



  3. wow what a coincidence... i've only started coming on in the past week too lol.

    and yeah, i'm on the summer holidays too :) can't believe a whole year of college is over!

    when are you coming over to england?

  4. Things are going pretty good now that I'm on summer vacation. I have not been on the boards in ages either...just started coming back on again this past week or so. So many fics to catch up on :p


    I'm so siked for my trip to England this summer! :D Good to see you back!



  5. God I haven't been on this website for ages.

    Things are doing pretty good. :)

    how about you?

  6. Hey!


    I'm back from my exile! :D Sorry about that but school was crazy so I decided to just finish that up before coming back on. Oooh I have so many fics to catch up on. Doing pretty good - Summer Vacation finally!



  7. Heyya HOP. :D Guess what? As of the 20th of Apr, I'm a Daddy! WOO!

  8. HOP!!!! What the feck have you been doing lately, eh?

    How goes It, amigo?!?!?

  9. Haha, I love the avatar!



  10. Hey Burnseyy!


    Wow it's been ages since we talked lol. Hows life on the other side of the Atlantic?



  11. Heyya HOP. Merry Belated Christmas, and Happy Belated New Years too. :)


    So...just so you know, the wife and I had our 24 week checkup on the baby. Is healthy. Yay!

  12. Hey, happy new year! take care!- The Pad

  13. Hi!


    Totally random here but I love the avvy. Sokka and his cactus juice. :D



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