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    Student, working to be a Psychologist so that I can start to make a difference to peoples lives. :) I'm quirky, a bit of an air-head and very complex, yet somehow I'm intelligent and creative. :]
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    KOTOR 1&2
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  1. Better than yesterday, that's for sure. hehe.


    Monday, I had off. One perk of being a government employee, any minor stupid government holiday I get off. We celebrate Columbus Day here....and if you know history, Columbus never stepped foot on the Americas. We're celebrating him finding the frickin bahamas. HA! But....yeah. Tuesday, I worked, went home. I had to get up early yesterday for an OB appointment with the wife. I woke up a little too early...I got 1 hour of sleep between waking up at 10AM Tuesday and 4AM Wednesday-night-to-Thursday0morning. I got 7 hours of sleep, so I'm doing pretty good right now. :D


    I was too tired yesterday to be excited, but I'm showing off the ultrasound pic to everyone and their brother here at work. :D If I had a way to upload it, I would. *nods sagely*


    Other than that, I'm just chilling out, doing my j o b. Bleh. ;)


    I'm going to will that you get to go to that party. *squinches eyes tight* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUNGH! There. Willed it to happen. ;)

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