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    31 years old, happily married, have a beautiful 3 year old boy.
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    Star Wars, RPGs
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    Active Duty Air Force
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    The Old Republic....what else?
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    Day of the Tentacle, Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords. :D
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  1. Hey Ms! I know it's been a while, but I'm back to the forums. Woo!

  2. Oh good. :) I was originally thinking that after his epiphany, maybe become one with the force(to illustrate me deleting the toon), but thought, especially since he sold everything and gave the money to Akarek(my trooper), it'd be too close to suicide or something. Didn't want that kinda downer.

  3. I thought it was hilarious, to be honest, especially when he was trying to tell the others that they were in a game. (LOL)

  4. So, what did you think of the final thoughts? I tried to keep him slipping into crazy town as light as possible...it was meant to be funny, not depressing.

  5. Thank you so much for the compliment, and the third part is coming when I'm not so exhausted!! :D

  6. I saw that! Shivers for sure. ^.^

  7. Psst--the final chapter of my series is up! :)

  8. I don't think I'll be putting up a "Thoughts of a Padawan" today. I'm not sick per se, but definately fighting something that wants to make me sick. Keep an eye out tomorrow though.

  9. Been reading your "Thrall" series, and have to admit, I love it. The contrast between the Sith and Jedi, the padawan's torment over her own actions. Very riveting stuff. I have a couple stories floating around here....somewhere. Can't wait for more, though. Working the graveyard shift, in my downtime, getting to read this good stuff brightens my day.

  10. Heyya BFA. By the way, happy (much) belated 21st!

  11. Congratulations. :)

  12. I'm glad that he is healthy for ya!

    Nothing is more better than having a healthy child :)


    And awesome name! :D

  13. Thanks mon. :D His name is Daniel Joseph, pulling from both mine and my wife's grandfathers.


    And thanks for the good luck. He's not too loud yet, lets us know when he's gone without too much fuss, it's just when we actually change him he gets upset. We are happy, though, that he's a healthy boy. He was about 6 weeks early, was a little jaundicey, and wouldn't eat right right away. BUT, 2 days in a baby tanning booth cleared up the jaundice, and by the time he was out of that he's eating like a champ.


    I might even get some piccies uploaded to show off. :p:D

  14. WOOOOO!!!!

    Congratulations man!!!!

    Decided on a name yet?

    Vader? or ... Sparta? (for introductory reasons :xp: )


    A mate of mine named is kid Leonidas, lol. Pure legend, haha. Feel sorry for the kid, though, lol.


    Congrats once again, JAvatar80! And ..... GOOD LUCK! (Seriously .. I was once living with a couple who recently had a baby and ... after the crying through the night, every time it "went" .... I couldn't go in the house for at least an hour! hahaha. That little bugger could clear the street if it put enough effort into it! ... But I got a mini guitar for him and yeahp ... There's a new rockstar in town. Such a great little guy haha)

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