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    Student, working to be a Psychologist so that I can start to make a difference to peoples lives. :) I'm quirky, a bit of an air-head and very complex, yet somehow I'm intelligent and creative. :]
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    KOTOR 1&2
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  1. Well, she's a 4-5 month old chewer. :p She was listed as a German Shepherd mix, and I swear she has some kind of hound in her, along with the possibility of Rodesian Ridgeback and Chow. She's smart, loving, and just plain adorable.


    The funniest thing, though, is her name. If you're not familiar with it, the Humane Society is a non-profit organization that finds animals and adopts them out, and that's where we got our puppy, as well as our two kitties. The kitties were already named R2D2 and C3PO, and the puppy was named Charity. Well, the wife and I got the kitties, and decided to bring home the puppy too. Now, I'm the huge Star Wars geek, she thinks it's ok. So, I was floored when she decided, not me, not my idea, SHE decided that we had to rename Charity to Chewiebaca. "Because she looks like a Chewie."


    Which leads to a few cute nicknames for her, like "Chew Chew!" (like a train whistle), or "our beautiful Chewlip". I love my wife, she can be so silly sometimes. :p

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