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    Student, working to be a Psychologist so that I can start to make a difference to peoples lives. :) I'm quirky, a bit of an air-head and very complex, yet somehow I'm intelligent and creative. :]
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    KOTOR 1&2
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  1. I know what you mean. My parents had a cat for like 2 years before I was born. Instead of being jealous when I came into the picture though, she took to me like I was one of her own. My parents had my crib out in the living room, and when I'd cry at night, my mom ignored me(my dad was already asleep, and is a heavy sleeper). She didn't let me go for hours or anything, but enough to get it through that I wasn't the center of the universe. Well, our kitty, Precious(yah, yah, I know) didn't like that. She'd go back and meow at my mom, who ignored her because my mom knew what was up. So, then Precious would go over to my dad's side of their bed. They had a big water bed with spring-loaded doors back then, and the cat would open the door just a couple inches and let it slam shut. When my dad would finally wake up and chase her out, he'd find her in the living room, sitting at the base of my crib, mewing at me like "it's ok, they're coming now".


    I miss that cat, but what can you do.


    And no, my name's not Anakin. It's Jonathan.

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