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  1. Very good movie, better than any clap trap that deals with an American subtext....
  2. Right at the moment it's Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama. But am looking for some Grinspoon to listen to(Hard Act To Follow once I get it)
  3. Stuff like that is usually covered in insurance BUT you will usually have an excess that you will have to pay regardless, and to make a claim on a camera will make the excess higher for the next claim.. Avoid using insurance for that, if it works, it works, if not, scream loudly!!
  4. Finally, C3PO has a match for whining, the holographic doctor!!!!
  5. Biggest program - being part of a team doing a new Point Of Sale program for our stores. Whilst not writing the guts of it, we had to fix up the original programmers problems and then implement new stuff into it.
  6. If you use Smart Start, assuming you have Nero 7. Then just make sure you are creating a DVD-Video session. It will then try to convert your video to DVD compatible MPEG2. If not, you may need another program, like WinAVI video converter to change it to one that Nero can convert to MPEG2
  7. Hate it. But that's only because it's scripting language sucked. Not a great fan of anything Symantec, seem too resource hungry. Use Remote Access all the time. V easy with MSTSC in XP.
  8. There were the + and - R/RW "wars" In general the + stuff won't be able to be read by most normal DVD players. Make sure to get -R/RW discs, that is all
  9. Just avoid the 6200 nVidia - it uses system memory
  10. That is what it should mean. Only cheaper drives found in laptops generally have CD burning support, but can read DVDs. In Nero, you should chose to burn a DVD-Video disc, and that will play like any normal DVD. (If it's small enough, burn plenty of episodes onto the same disc) - they will just be seperate chapters
  11. I think you are stuck with what you've got with the current Mobo. Thems the breaks with the way they develop processors... A new development equals a new amount of pins to connect to the board and new chipsets to control them. Always a way to force people to upgrade more than one component at a time....
  12. I think the reason that 60Hz is so flickery, is that most electricity is delivered at around 50Hz, so very prone to interference by electrical items nearby...
  13. Never ever open up a CRT monitor, there is one large capacitor that has a truckload of charge in it, plenty enough to kill when it discharges.... Go the LCD, in the end a cheaper alternative, and if you splash out a little, you can get them with a quicker response time (that used to be their downfall)
  14. Been 2006 for over 11 hrs here already!!
  15. The perils of adding a new drive with an NTFS system!! Been there, done that, edited my boot.ini on a floppy disk to get it to boot!!
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