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  1. I thought i would try making a player model again. This time using a Zombie that i made in class using 3DS MAX. its been ages since i have touched jka so i cant seem to remember everything of what to do. im using the jk3 skeleton. i cut the mesh up into all the parts like hips, torso, l_arm etc linked them correctly, iv linked all the bolts, iv wieghed it, iv reset X forms, iv aligned to the stupid triangle. umm iv done everything i can think of but when i go into assimilate and use carcass35 it comes up with the error Error: Model has 56 surfaces, but only 1 can be reached by recursing from surface 0 ('head') You need to re-hierarchy this model correctly These are the surface(s) not reachable from surface 0... and then it lists a ton of stuff please help me find out what im doing wrong!!! its driving me insane! ill include the max file for anyone who is willing to take a look at it. im just trying to get it in game at the moment so i just rigged everything to the pelvis http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4UES95QU also heres a pic of the zombie model i made
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