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  1. Not sure if i'm pointing out the obvious but are you sure you have put the maps in your base folder? or if you have them at all? http://jediknight3.filefront.com/ ^use that to find most of the popular maps, same pcgamemods aint around anymore that place rocked. EDIT: also most servers will have auto d/l off due to an exploit with the server.cfg
  2. Option two! DarthDie suggested changing the anims over x-fire. Btw master server seems to be down so erm yeh.
  3. Wether that was sarcasm or not at least I know the OJP team will give me a reply I know it would mean making the niman and ataru from scratch, and maybe i'm being slightly ignorant here as i've never made saberstlyes, if so then i apologize, but can't you just 'copy' the existing dual and staff styles into slots 8 & 9.. meh I'll just go back to skinning lol
  4. Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way, when you use them with single they look sloppy and useless I don't know about anyone else but when i saw yoda and qui-gon using Ataru it looked fluid not awkward. You also distance yourselves a bit with RP'ers (oh yea here we go...) they usually like to keep things fairly cannon so consulars like niman. Niman isn't really an option as it is, same with ataru atm. @ Maxstate: I disagree that two entire forms should be removed (not that we'd notice as i rarely see anyone using staff and duals) but like i said it would be nice to have Ataru and Niman as their own single forms and then two new forms added specifically for dual and staff. @ DarthDie: Just pm'd you my x-fire so no more pokes lol
  5. Ok so aside from the fact there's still no linux build *pokes dev's* it's time I had a little rant on Ataru and Niman. Both forms work fairly well if you use them with their respective saber types (staff and dual) but effectively you're reducing the number of real forms to 5 as the anims for these forms without using the staff or dual lightsaber are disgusting and very shoddy looking. For example Qui-Gon did not walk around as if he had riggermortis in his left arm and fight accordingly so. I feel that these forms have been ruined, though i understand that they have to be put in somewhere i feel FM3 does this slightly better and makes the 'dual' or 'staff' forms seperate for people using single or otherwise whilst still being the same 'form' So what i propose is these two forms are made into real seperate forms and perhaps two more forms are made to incorperate Dual and Staff. Not sure if i'm being to sketchy its late here so I'll be happy to explain a little better tomorrow lol.
  6. Not exactly sure what you mean by that.. erm yea it's only occuring on the Linux server.. you're free to jump into the server and test it yourself @ It's up 24/7 so no time zone issues, the only thing may be lag as its EU. I've procured another 'jampgamei386.so' which I haven't yet been able to try due to FTP issues, if anyone wants to give that a try and then let me know I'd appreciate it. http://files.filefront.com/jampgamei386so/;10811190;/fileinfo.html
  7. Well since yesterday we've discovered two bugs so far, (1) the doors and brushes will sometimes dissapear when moving away from them (2) force sounds are known to occasionally not play, so NINJA LIGHTNING ftw! so maybe a new compile would be best, but there isn't anything that makes it unplayable as such, just annoying features if you will
  8. anyone feel generous enough to do a new compile then?
  9. Suggestion: offical Linux distro THE ULTIMATE FORCE POWAH!!111!!!11! want someone to test? look no further than <<<< lol but seriously I'd quite like a stasis type power, as long as it had some kinda effect on the person using it too, so it wasn't OP
  10. I found your version DarthDie, and with some amazing support from the DSi-gaming tech people we were able to get the server up and running. So far i have not encountered any bugs what so ever. It does raise a question in my mind why a linux build has not be rolled out offically as OJP effectivley shoots itself in the foot by not doing so. Many server providers for JKA (what few are left) use mainly Linux for two reasons: (1) Its a lot cheaper than getting a licence from microsoft thefore cheaper rates for the customer. (2) Linux servers do generally out perform their windows counterparts, sometimes by a long shot. I'd suggest darthDie's file gets sticky'd so other Linux users may find it untill maybe you guys can sort out an official build? Anyway it's all up and running now, The proof: http://www.dsi-gaming.com/SQuery/?ip= (yes another rp server, live with it xD) notice "JAmp: v1.0.1.1 linux-i386" running ojp So thanks again DarthDie, I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more servers around with a real Linux distro.
  11. Just realised its Linux.. is there no hope at all then?
  12. Hi guys, Im renting a 12 slot from DSi-Gaming and was wondering wether its possible to get OJPenhanced to run on it? I've installed it and the "ojpenhanced" folder contains both .pk3's and the .cfg When it run the server it appears to start but it's not showing up on the list and the console viewer seems to hang not even showing me the usual spam i get when i start base or ja+ any help appreciated in advance,
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