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  1. Help me understand what you mean by "clumsy".


    Edit response to Drunkside's edit:

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    I think it would be more accurate to point out that the AI is an AI. It doesn't have a "mobile platform" the way Geth do, for instance. If you question this, ask yourself if EDI is a synthetic in ME2.


    I figured synthetic means any artificially created being, that is able to come to cpnclusions by itself. And by clumsy i mean the way the dialog and what you acyually see dont correlate in any way, how they throw out their old rules of pseudo science, how they at the last minute change the focus of the series from people who have stuck with you for 5 years (thats longer than i have known most of my friends ffs!) to what to do with organic life, the godchild, how TIM somehow controls shepard even though it has been said many times in both me2 and 3 that he didnt install a control chip, the godchild, how you really have no idea what your last choice will actually do, the godchild, how the crew is suddenly back on the normandy that is running away for some strange reason, how hackett calls shepard and assumes he is on the citadel even though supposedly the entire assault unit was destroyed, the godchild, the stargazer thing, the godchild, how shepard just happens to faint on a platform that takes him to the, you guessed it, godchild. Oh, did i mention the godchild? I could go on, but im too tired, i just suggest you search youtube for mass effect understated nerdrage, through that you will find a long, long video that adresses almost everything about the end... The godchild!!!

  2. haha, missed a '/' there dude :p


    Ye, i hate apple crap...


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    By the way, im very surprised to see how many of you accept this clumsy ending, as you have always struck me as the most demanding crowd on teh interwebs...


    I would also like to point out this: the godchild is a synthetic.

  3. Oh, ****ing a...





    So much logic fail. Is it really that bad?




    This post has spoilers, but since im writing it on an abhorrent excuse of a computer (ipad), i cant add the tags.



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    not quite, but still pretty much that. If the godchild can create reapers, and by adding the crucible he gets the space magic power:destroy synthetics, then

    why didnt he just come up with that at the beginning, warned the civilisations about making robots, and if they didnt listen, just burst out a wave of robot doom?


    By the way, i cant remember if i already stated this, but the geth spared the quarians even after being oppressed by them. Then in the game its quarians who are attaking the geth, who are simply defending themselves...

  4. http://i.imgur.com/JhtqY.jpg - CONTAINS SPOILERS! I thought it was a good idea for a mixture of Best/Worst/Average endings.


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    I think this is very good. And it doesnt have the awful godchild and his "Yo dawg, I hear you dont want to be killed by synthetics, so I made synthetics to kill you every 50000 years so you dont create synthetics to kill you" -logic....
  5. I loved all of the games, I found the plots to be good enough since I was more interested in the characters anyway. I loved the way ME3 is brutal to you and your allies, when Mordin went up to the Shroud I was actually saying out loud "do it quickly and get out!" and when he died... I was shocked. And in awe, not many games these days (I dont think many games have ever) make me bond with certain characters, spend dozens of hours talking with them, and then just kill them. Same was with Thane. I didnt mind the fed-ex missions because I found (for some odd reason) playing tag with reapers kind of fun, and for that reason I pretty much searched every system I went to. The main quests were amazing, Rannoch and Citadel especially.


    And then the end came. I still havent felt like playing any game after that s***storm. It was just so horrible, full of plotholes and lazy, poor writing. I also wanted my choices to actually matter, and I wanted closure, both were promised, neither were delivered.

  6. Went with the Stormcloaks because

    1) The Imperials were asses

    2) It kind of gave me Winter War vibes fighting for the independence of a nordic country

    3) I dont like being sentenced to death for no reason :xp:


    I was very dissappointed when it turned out the Stormies were racist, white power retards and i couldnt just kill everyone...

  7. To Achilles: I meant that the world doesn´t change at all when Im not doing something, of course there are these small random encounters, but for example, i have never seen a dragon killed by anyone but myself, and they have only attacked other characters while im around. All the people talk about is stuff i have done, almost never about anything else. Its like no one else does a sh*t about anything, even the of so horrible and brutal war didnt evolve at all until I took part in it, and i couldnt even choose to betray that ass of a jarl i ended up joining...

  8. I agree with you on that, Sabre. Especially the Bloodmoon expansion felt amazingly alive compared to Skyrim. There just is nothing happening in the world when Im not around, and that kinda takes away from the immersion. Its still a great game, and way better than Oblivion.

  9. I dont think there are any worse in his case. Think of it like this: If he was sentenced to death, he would become a martyr for his case, not to mention that its an easy way out, and if he was sentenced to a life in prison he could just turn that around and make up propaganda about the government treating him unfairly. An insane mind has weird ways of seeing things.

  10. Can't be that lame if you are planning on buying the 4th instalment, even at a discounted price. Unless you are some sort of masochist.


    You are right, it cant be that lame. But still pretty lame :xp: And by lame I dont exactly mean bad, but just oddly campy.


    That made a lot of sense...


    By the way, I have been playing Brotherhood, and man that game is actually good! Its like they actually listened to what people didnt like about the first two parts and fixed them. Even Ezio is a much better character now that he has grown up, and training assassins has to be the most addicting meta-game i have ever played. Im liking this part a lot more than the first two, enough to actually look forward to Revelations.

  11. BioWare would be my best example of producing fun games. Even what they consider innovations are really based on things that have been used and worked in other games. They don’t seem to take many chances, but, at least in my opinion, BioWare produces solid fun to play games. They are my favorite game developer, but as much as I love the Mass Effect franchise, the Dragon Age Franchise and games like KOTOR, NVN and Jade Empire I do not consider any of them great games. That said, BioWare does produce games that I enjoy playing over and over.


    Obsidian while not the greatest with innovations or game mechanics in general, does in my opinion take major chances in their story telling. This can produce some great games (again in my opinion) NWN 2 Mask of the Betrayer, TSL and Fallout New Vegas, but it can also produce some really bad games; Alpha Protocol. Rarely do they just produce something in between but it does happen; Dungeon Siege III (fun, not in the ME range, but still just fun).


    I´d definetely call KOTOR a great game for the simple reason that i have played through it countless times and it still grabs me by the balls every time i play it, same with JE and ME2. I think the thing that separates great games from just good ones is the possibility to make chooses in a world that immerses the player. But this is not enough, you need to also have replayability and make an emotional connection to the player. An example of a game that could be amazing, but isnt because it lacks the latter two is DX:Human Revolution.


    A funny thing about Obsidian is, that I consider most of their games horrible, I love AP. It has so many great ideas and the way the story builds and varies each time make up for ****ty mechanics and crappy graphics.

  12. I bought all of the three on Steam in the summer sale (27 e for three pretty new games was irresistible), and finally got around to playing them. The first one was boring as hell most of the time, the lack of subtitles meant that i was completely clueless most of the time as all of the characters spoke in horrible pseudo mid-east accents, and Altair was an annoying ass. But still, the actual assassinations were great. AC2 on the other hand I liked more, except that it didnt really feel like a continuation of the first game and the way the guy (cant remember his name, and i finished the game last night...) approached killing people way too casually. And, after killing hundreds of people, among which were a few who were controlled and innocent themselves, he decides to leave the main bastardo (see, i learned Italian :xp: ) alive... That made me facepalm hard. But the ending was pretty funky otherwise, and the fact how minorve stares directly at the player was cool in my opinion. Im going to play Brotherhood next, but im not really expecting much from it. I will most likely buy Revelations when its on sale as well, but there is no way im spending 70 e on this sort of lame crap :xp:

  13. Yeah, that's like someone getting out of the Sarlacc Pit. Oh wait... :D


    I thought that thing swallowed its food whole and had slow digestion, so why wouldnt it be possible to get out? I find it more unbelievable that a huge, useless creature actually manages to live :xp:


    By the way, Im kinda thinking that Maul will be a force ghost...

  14. How is Dark Messiah infamous? Its the best game of its genre, which of course is Fantasy Action Whack Alot Of Foes To Death In Straightforward But Visually And Gameplay Wise Satisfying Surroundings Role Playing Game, or FAWAOFTDISBVAGWSSRPG.

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