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  1. Love the clip you posted in the the ROR thread. LOL

  2. Would you please look at the new topics on the TeamFett Group Page? I would like to have your input.

  3. We need to get our team back together to make our mod compatible with BOS:SR. Please, check out the new topic in the thread.

  4. Thank you! We all worked hard on that.

  5. yeah noticed. nice work!

  6. Woohoo! It's up on kotor 2 files. You can check out our mod, here.

  7. Check out the new screenshots in TeamFett. I have submitted our mod to Kotor 2 files and it is still pending approval.

  8. Yes I plan to, but its on hold for now, due to the combination of my TSL being corrupted and me getting tired of making it. I think I will get back to it after the guitar mod im making now, exept if it takes so long that i will start recording our demo with my band. Then I´ll continue the mod after that :xp:


    But yes, i dont want to bury it forever, i intend to see it through.

  9. Drunkside will you ever continue the Blackguard mod?

    here's a link for it: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=196775&page=2

  10. Thank you for your effort, though.

  11. Yeah... I dont even think i will be able to play through the game right now with a lot of stuff going on around in my life, but ill check them out as soon as i can.

  12. You're welcome! Hopefully, we can find all the bugs and fix them so we can release it, but that requires playing through a 30 hour game.

  13. Ok thanks Ill check it out.

  14. Here is the latest version of the Fett Armors mod for K1. You may download it here. I also, posted a link in the discussion group.

  15. Im not really very good at skinning myself but i can give it a try.

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