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  1. Thanks for checking my link. I hope that you enjoy what I have created. This is a series I wrote, directed, acted, voice acted with my friends online. I also created most of the modifications to the scenes, characters, and effects. Oddly enough, I choose to avoid voice acting as much as possible because that was the tone I wanted to set for my series. Although it does not bother me at all, there are some original dubs that I use to give the characters credibility. Without further ado I present to you, Hunt for the Jedi. This is set in the imaginary Star Wars universe between the movie Episode's III and IV. I have created 3 small episodes in between that time frame of the movie series. The first episode I made, Enter the Jawa, begins with an unknown Jawa trained by Obi Wan, is sent on a mission to assassinate the recently self appointed Emperor. I suggest you watch them in order. Thanks again for watching, screenshots are down below. You Tube Channel Enter the Jawa Part I Enter the Jawa Part II Fury of the Wookie Part I Fury of the Wookie Part II Cloning of the Sith Part I Cloning of the Sith Part II Cloning of the Sith Part III Cloning of the Sith Part IV
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