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    31 years old, happily married, have a beautiful 3 year old boy.
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    Star Wars, RPGs
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    Active Duty Air Force
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    The Old Republic....what else?
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    Day of the Tentacle, Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords. :D
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  1. Ohhh, is it like an RPG? Because if so, it sounds awesome. I have a list of games in my mind, and I've put that on, up there with Mass Effect and Fable 2. (ee!) I love RPGs sooo much - I'm one of those people who hate structured environments and rules... so if I can do my own thing, it's great. :xp: Part of why KOTOR is a big favourite!


    Tonight I'm going out to drink. Thank god, it's been tooo long.

    So are you not going to drink, with your wife, so that you can be equal in the pregnancy? ... sorta? ;) Aha.

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